Pros and Cons of Using a Pre-Built WordPress Theme

It is projected that there are more than 1.7 billion websites on the internet.
The number is also estimated to skyrocket in the future as most companies turn their brick and mortar business online.
So, increasing your market reach and web traffic will not be as easy as before.
That is why you have to create a quality, unique, and compelling website. Choosing the right theme, in particular, should be done without taking any shortcuts.
While a custom theme is the number one choice for many, do not underestimate the pre-built WordPress theme.


No Coding Needed

Coding is tricky and complicated. But luckily, it is not a requirement in a pre-built theme as it is already available with a good layout. In fact, you can launch and run your website without hiring a developer. That could save you some cash, which you can use for other essential business operations.


Since you are just starting out, you may be on a budget. But don’t feel disappointed. Prebuilt WordPress themes got you covered. Yes, they are affordable and won’t cause you a big fortune. Sometimes, they are completely free and ready to download.
Once your business starts to create a buzz in your target market, you can upgrade to a custom theme, of course. But since you may not have enough financial resources, you can never go wrong with this theme. You just have to be creative when designing your website.


According to Statista, smartphone users already surpasses three billion. It is also estimated to grow in the next few years.
That’s why more than 53% of organic search is generated by mobile phones in the US alone.
Imagine if you do not have a mobile-friendly website. You could lose a number of potential and high-paying clients, which you do not want to happen.
With a pre-built WordPress theme, you can be confident it is mobile-responsive. Whenever your target audience searches for a service provider, your website will have a good search engine ranking and look engaging whatever device they are using.

Faster and Easier to Build

Another reason people prefer a pre-built theme is that it is is faster and easier to build. A custom one, however, requires a lot of patience and effort.
But since your competitors have established their websites, you probably plan to launch your website as soon as possible. A ready-made theme can make that goal happen in no time.
Although a pre-built theme needs some tweak, that will not last for a few days and weeks. A Rich Text editor may also help.
Once you launch your website, do not forget to test its responsiveness and efficiency. Furthermore, you should be open to any constructive criticism.

A Wide Range of Options

Have you ever experienced searching for a product, and you ended up in a brand with limited options? That could be frustrating.
But with pre-built WordPress themes, expect a wide variety of choices according to your requirements and niche.
Yes, the theme options may be overwhelming to narrow down. But if you know your goals, the selection will not be time-consuming and daunting.
Also, do not be afraid to brainstorm with your team. Two heads are better than one, remember! Alternatively, you could study the websites of your competitors for inspiration. But do not copy.


Premade WordPress themes also have some drawbacks you should not forget to consider. A few of them are highlighted below:

Limited Customization Options

A ready-made WordPress theme is available with a customization panel, where you can switch the mode you prefer, change fonts, and modify colors.
But let’s be honest. It is very limited. If you are looking for more personalization options, it is time to consider a custom theme.
It is all right if you need to spend more. At least you have an engaging website that can yield better traffic or high client conversion.

No Technical Support

You are in the middle of developing your theme. Then, something goes wrong. You ask for help, but you do not receive any response at all.
Don’t be surprised, as a pre-made WordPress theme is not available with a technical support. Yes, you are on your own, which can be terrible.
If you have an extra budget, a custom theme should be a top priority for your peace of mind.


While many developers are legit, some do not care about the quality of their theme. Over time, this theme would slow down because of bugs.
When left unattended, a bug in the code of your site can affect your SEO rating, user experience, and security.
Fortunately, WordPress has a talented and dedicated team of developers that update the code.
So, now you can make a decision you won’t regret! We hope this article helps you!