Top 5 expected safety features that must be in your Uber clone app

Starting any business in 2021 has been a task. But not anymore! Online presence is the only way to overcome the hurdles of running a business during pandemic.

But as a responsible taxi business owner, it is essential to follow some safety measures while running an on-demand taxi business.

As we already talked about having an online presence - why not introduce an Uber clone app for your on-demand taxi business with some safety features that your users will be expecting from you?

Let’s get introduced to some must-have safety features in your on-demand taxi app!

What is an Uber clone?
Uber clone is an on-demand taxi app that can be used by entrepreneurs to enhance their business operations and induce an online presence.

The Uber clone app has to be built using the on-trend technology to meet out the futuristic expectations of the end-users and also to remain flexible.

Therefore, Flutter is the best choice to create your on-demand taxi app, because of its cross-platform functionality. It saves time, cost and increases the efficiency of your on-demand taxi platform.

The consumers in the USA are already spending $57.6 billion on on-demand services that cater to the needs of 22.4 billion people annually. This makes it even more crucial to have an Uber clone app for your on-demand business.

Why do you need safety features in your Uber clone app now?
The safety features in your Uber clone app could attract a lot of users, especially during this pandemic situation.

It tells your target audience that they are not just business prospects but you actually care about their safety and security while using your on-demand taxi app.

This showcases your social responsibility towards your existing and potential users.

Let’s jump into knowing the safety features!

Top 5 safety features in an Uber clone app expected by your end-users:
These are some of the expected safety features from your end-users while using your on-demand taxi app for their convenience.

1. Precaution Notification:
When the riders make a booking, a short pop-up notification is important to remind the riders to follow the safety precautions before continuing the ride.

The instructions could be to wear a mask, to wash your hands, and to maintain social distancing with the people.

2. SOS Assistance:
This feature will allow the rider to call for help while taking the ride. The rider can call 911 or send their current location with the driver’s vehicle number via SMS to their emergency contact.

The emergency contact can be saved while signing up in the on-demand taxi app.

3. Wallet Option for Contactless Payment:
Social distancing is the major point stressed during coming out of your residence while pandemic. Having a wallet option could ensure that the payment for the ride is contactless and safe.

4. Night Mode Map:
This feature could be exclusively used for drivers during night trips. They can check the map for the location without any eye fatigue due to the high brightness of the mobile screen.

This way the rider takes a safe trip to their decided destination.

5. Safety Checklist:
A safety checklist could be implemented in the drivers’ app. The driver has to adhere to the checklist during each ride to ensure the safety of both the riders and the drivers.

Wrapping up:
All these safety measures could be implemented to ensure the safety and security of both the riders and the drivers. A safe Uber clone app is what every user expects during such a hard time.

As an entrepreneur make sure to digitize the process as quickly and as efficiently as possible to make it easier on your users and to expand your on-demand business.