How To Develop An App In 2021: 6 Ways

Application development is a labor-intensive process. There is a long way to go from the idea to the full launching of the application. Based on the analysis of the application development market, we can give exact figures that the development of an app for a clothing store, for example, will take an average from 3 to 6 months. It all depends on the orientation of the app and the objective of it. For instance, developing an app for a calculator doesn't take a lot of time and effort, but creating a high-quality UI with a lot of features and animations is already a more difficult job. Everyone would like to observe the perfect equation, do it fast, high-quality and inexpensive. That's why the IT services market has foreseen a variety of options that enable you to do the work faster and cheaper.


Request application development in studio Studio

This is the simplest way if you don't have time to develop code, create a design, merge one with another, and so on down the list. A good studio will help you choose the necessary functions for the needs of your business. For clarity, you can use the application calculator to find out what you need to add to your own.
But this way has its drawbacks, such as cost and speed of execution. Of course, this will be faster than making everything from scratch yourself, but there are also faster ways.

No code 

Another frequent way is to develop applications using no code services. To develop an application in this way, you don't need any special programming knowledge. This will be the most financially profitable solution, and much faster than the other ways. But the quality of the application itself can be inappropriate. Again, it all depends on the needs of your business.

There are many similar services, but I will tell you about Bubble. Do you want to know how to work with it? It's simple. You don't even require programming knowledge, you can configure the application without code. 

It works like this: you select application components from the standard library, and then customize them at your discretion. This service will allow you to reduce time by doing everything much faster and cheaper than with the traditional approach with the search for developers. The service itself tells you what steps you need to take to make the application functionally more convenient. 

But meanwhile, there are also disadvantages to this approach. This will never be an app, it's a web version of the app. And compared with real applications, you will lose. Because it will be inconvenient for the users of your application. And for you as well!

Freelance services

Freelancers allow you to make development cheaper than in the studio, but often at the same level of development. However, to work with a freelancer, you will definitely need programming knowledge. Freelancers, like some studios, often use application templates in their work. This allows to reduce the time for development and significantly lower the cost of providing services. 


Go through the courses and develop the application yourself

If you are a developer, or just starting out, then the courses are a great opportunity to learn new stuff. Now the Flutter application development industry is growing fast. And every day the demand for applications developed on Flutter skyrockets. This will be the longest way to develop an application, but it will open up fresh opportunities for you. Get more profitable right now, by placing a bet on yourself! As an option, I suggest that you consider courses on Udemy.


Use open resources

Now there are many resources where you can easily find pieces of code for different tasks. For example, the well-known Github. If you have problems writing code, then you can look for a ready-made free solution on this service. But you can't be completely sure how it will work. Sometimes free solutions are not the most reliable. But if you are lucky, then you will save your time and effort.


Templates (Flutter templates, react-native templates)

At the moment, there are some other ways to develop an application.  For example, use a ready-made template for the app. The ready-made UI template will complement your application with an attractive design and an improved interface. 

Application templates exist for different platforms, such as React Native or Flutter for example. I won't tell you that Flutter allows you to develop an application for all software at once, or that it is a young and growing service. I will tell you about the advantages that await you.

Let's look at the example of the Airmart template. This is a high-quality template that even a person without high programming knowledge can work with, because everything has already been done for you. It only remains to customize the template, and it's very handy to do it.

You can see that everything is neatly organized inside the template. The reused widgets are placed in a separate block. Which makes the process of customizing your app more convenient, because you don't need to compose a ton of code. 

There are blanks of ListView.builder, which allow you to easily join the back end to the code. This template is prepared for the stretch of the API.

The template already includes clearly written reusable multi-functional widgets with conditional logic. This allows you to save your time and not repeat the code. And moreover, it is very easy to understand.

Another advantage is the principle of bootstrap, which allows you to change the size of paddings and margins. You can change the application in just a couple of clicks, getting a completely new, high-quality product.  The same thing applies to changing fonts, colors, and shapes of objects in the app. They will automatically change throughout the code, and you will never need to spend your time on manually lifting objects.

Dummy data lists will let you run your application easily and effortlessly. When you connect your app, your list of brands or categories will fall into place automatically.


Using templates in the work on the app is a great opportunity to save your time and money on development. Just a few simple steps will allow you to succeed. The first step is to buy a high-quality template, for example, on such a service as Code.Market, the second step is customized, the third step is connected to the backend. That's it, your application is ready. The development of such a product will take a maximum of a month, taking into account the writing of the backend. 



Now you have a clear illustration of the quality of the done work, how much you will spend your time and money. It's up to you, choose the most practical and convenient way for you.

Which way is closer to you?

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