I Respect Experience. Guide me for my first large scale application

First of all, I wish everyone a happy day with their loved ones.

As the title suggests, I need guidance. I have read and watched many articles, videos and lectures on the internet for about 2 months, but believe me, I still do not know what to do.

In short, what I want to do is actually; Showing the data coming from an Android application to users who are logged in on the web dashboard.

I have already prepared the Android application, it is not very functional.

1- After opening, it asks the user for verification information via e-mail and passport.

2- Requests the necessary usage permissions.

3- The application closes visually. It sends some sensor-based data to the remote server in the background.


What I want to do is to open a dashboard and show sensor data from their phone for each user after users go to app.webpage.com for example and verify their user ID, email and password.

Believe me, I've done a lot of designs using laravel, node js. I created a clipboard, I was able to pull data but not authenticate. I authenticated and did not get the data.

I couldn't do exactly what I wanted, I'm open to any ideas, exemplary practices, training, frankly anything you can suggest that can help me in this regard.

I'm missing something somewhere but I couldn't figure it out. As a self-learning person, my brain went bankrupt :)

Thank you in advance for your support and suggestions.

Sorry for my English to. The room continues to evolve on a self-learning curve.