Free TailwindCSS components to build UI faster

As a frontend developer often times we want to just spit out a decently looking UI in a short span of time. The advent of Tailwind CSS has already made our jobs easier but wouldn't it be even better if we could use pre-built good looking components and that too for FREE?

That's right, this is a compiled list of free Tailwind CSS components and templates that you can use directly in your side projects or any project for that matter :)

🚨 NOTE: Please save this post as I will be updating the list as and when I stumble upon more free resources 🚀.

Tail-kit gives you access to over 250 free components and free templates, based on Tailwind CSS 2.0. It's all compatible with React, VueJS and Angular applications.

Extra: You can even make a request for a component here. Isn't that just amazing 🥳 ?

Provides fully customizable UI Components compatible with Next.js, Gatsby and create-react-app.
No installation needed, Just copy and paste a component you want to use

Mamba UI is a free, open-source collection of beautiful UI elements based on Tailwind CSS that make it easy for anyone to build a website in minutes.

Beautiful Tailwind CSS components that support RTL languages & fully responsive based on Flexbox & CSS Grid with elegant Dark Mode.

Ready-to-use Tailwind CSS blocks
60+ Blocks, Responsive, Dark Mode Support, Color Variations

Built with Tailwind CSS, they are fully customizable and without external dependencies. Each dashboard has 4 variants. one for create-react-app, Next.js, Vue with vite and Nuxt.


Clean HTML with component classes
Customizable and themeable
Pure CSS, No dependencies

Thankyou everyone! that is it for now, but I will be updating this list, you can also contribute to this exhaustive list by commenting below or by reaching out to me on twitter🐤, and I will add them here with credits :)