Best Website Speed and Performance Testing Tools Free

Site speed can represent the moment of truth of an online business on the web. A successful business website depends on several Key Performance Factors. One of the KPIs to measure the performance of a website is loading speed. It is essential for both user and search engine perspectives.

Website speed directly affects the completion of business because 40 percent of customers leave websites that take more than 3 seconds to load. Thus to grab that 40% of users on your website, you need to improve your website loading speed.
For that, you need free website speed testing tools. These website speed testing tools show the metrics with several specific factors that affect site performance.

If you are a developer or marketer you can measure performance and see the opportunities to improve the speed of websites.
Now you got the point of why website speed is important for your online business success. Without further ado, let’s jump right in.
Best Website Speed and Performance Testing Tools Free


Pingdom is one of the most trusted and well-known website speed testing tools. Pingdom is a free tool to use for any website development company and freelance web developer or designer.

Pingdom uses 70+ global polling locations to test page load time and analyze it. It provides service 24/7 all year long.

It analyzes and provides data on the Server Response Codes, SSL, DNS, HTML, CSS, Plain content, and JavaScript. You can monitor then optimize them to make a high-performance website user experience.

You don’t need to sign up to test the website. Copy and paste the webpage URL and click on the start test button. Hang on for a while and get the detailed insights.


GTmetrix is another excellent website speed test tool online to measure site performance and loading speed. Tech giants such as PWC, HP, Microsoft, Samsung, SalesForce, Godaddy, and PayPal trusted GTmetrix.

GTmetrix analyzes web pages with Google lighthouse and shows Key Performance Indicators data like Largest Contentful Paint, Total Blocking Time, Cumulative Layout, and mobile responsiveness. The report focuses on visitor’s experience.

You can test websites without signing up and will get the detailed performance metrics in one click. Analyze the website loading speed from 65 servers in 22 different locations around the world.

Google PageSpeed Insights:

Google PageSpeed Insights a free tool from Google to analyze the page speed. PageSpeed Insights(PSI) generates a performance report on both mobile and desktop devices. It provides suggestions to improve web page speed.

PSI provides both lab and field data about page speed. Lab data is debugged performance issues in a controlled environment, and field data is real-world user-experience issues.

PSI gives a score of 0 to 100 that summarises the website’s speed performance. A score above 90 or 90 is considered good. Between 50 to 90 needs improvement, and below 50 is poor.


WebPageSpeed is an advanced tool to test website speed. It opens with four options: Advanced Testing, Simple Testing, Visual Comparison, and Traceroute.

It has advanced features like you can choose different server locations globally, web browsers, chrome mobile device emulation, and one of the cool features of filmstrip of screen snapshots taken during a web page load.

It provides in-depth metrics of a website with elements like DNS, TCP, TLS, etc. Leverage the testing on modern devices and browser versions. It’s free of cost like other ones, and no sign-up is required.


Site24x7 is a comprehensive tool to measure website speed and analyze what errors are slowing down your website. This tool is free to access, and no signup is required.

This tool shows page load time, page size, DNS time, and page speed score. A colorful pie chart visuals to analyze the content breakdown by request and content breakdown by the size marked in percentage can be helpful.

Web developers and website development companies can use these demographics in the report to be shared with customers.


Dareboost is another well-known website speed testing tool online. 450+ web professionals like American Express, NASCAR, GoFundMe, and Postman trusted DareBoost.

Dareboost is a single-click service that gives real-time data about front-end performance as well as user experience. No signup and subscription is needed.

Dareboost has unique features like Video analysis, detailed UX analysis, and in-depth web performance analysis. Another feature is that you can compare two websites loading speed on a single screen. It has 13 test server locations in major cities across the world.


KeyCDN offers website speed testing online with ten different server locations across the world. It calculates the HTML content loading, checks server responses, HTTP status code, JavaScript, CSS, and video rendering.

It reports about errors, optimization opportunities, and detailed analyzed data of the complete website. Web Developers and Designers get informed data to improve the website performance.


Dotcomtools reports real-time speed testing from 21 different locations worldwide. This tool empowers you to test website performance on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, iOS, and Android browsers on both desktop and mobile versions.

You can test web pages using different resolutions and network throttling. It provides browser-based load time testing, identifying slow/missing elements, complete waterfall reports, charts, and graphs.


UpTrends tests website speed in major browsers, on desktop, and mobile. It empowers website development companies and web developers to test websites on different bandwidth throttling, screen resolutions, desktop, and different mobile models.

Uptrends analyze every website element like images, CSS files, HTML, Content, and JavaScript. It gives you a complete waterfall report, metrics, and visual graphics to analyze the elements that slow down your website.

You can compare web page performance on different web browsers from ten locations worldwide.


WebsiteSpeedTest by Cloudinary offers the analysis of images on the website. It reports the size of images that slow down the website. It provides details of the image like path, location, and size.

Summary: Free website speed testing tools online
• Pingdom
• GTmetrix
• Google PageSpeed Insights
• WebPageTest
• Site24x7
• DareBoost
• KeyCDN
• Dotcom-Tools
• UpTrends
• WebsiteSpeedTest by Cloudinary


Optimized web pages rank above the pages that take much time to load in browsers. Google and other search engines continuously work to thrive the visitors’ experience of the web. Thus having a fast-loaded website opens the opportunity to get rank higher in SERP. Simultaneously it drives more visitors, engagement, and sales to your website.

So having a fast-loading and high-performing website is one of the essential assets to be successful. You can hire a web developer, UI/UX designer, or website development agency to improve your website today.

Originally published at on June 26, 2021.