My Learning Methods (applicable on mostly every technical skill)

I had started a #21DaysOfJavaScript challenge where I learnt JavaScript for 21 days. This was to build the habit of coding for a lifetime and have a fixed routine where I have time-blocked a few hours for my learning. Here is a list of the five most useful things which helped in my journey:

1. Accountability

The first reason and the most important one is accountability. I informed publicly through the social media platforms and so by committing myself out in public I'm making sure I stick to my goals. Also psychologically we are prone to achieve something if it's announced and seen by people. I might not procrastinate much as I used to and start getting things done.

2. Pseudo Teaching

The other reason I did this is was because I would have been learning the fundamentals of JavaScript but also I would also be teaching my own self. I had gone through a ton of resources and curated (much of it is curated online I'm just choosing) many lessons and topics that I'll be learning.

3. Time Management

I had alloted my whole morning to this challenge where I revised, learnt new concepts, and hard-coded them into projects.

4. Note-Taking

I usually do not like to take notes, thinking that I might remember it in the long term. I don't. Hence I also created a summary of all the concepts I've learned for that day.

5. Documentation

This is new and quite effective to me. I document my process of learning and iterated and always tried to make it better. Documenting will also help me later on with different opportunities and grow my social profile. Highly recommended.

These are some of the reasons I had come up with to take this step. It was quite new and exciting for me since I was experimenting but it turned out really good.