15 HTML & CSS only project Ideas

If you’re a beginner to web development and just started learning HTML & CSS, You might be wondering if this is enough to build something practical and add it to your portfolio. The good news is that there are many HTML & CSS projects that beginners can try and build up skills, level-up and feel motivated.

Building projects is indeed a great way to learn- but you don’t have to dive into create something that would make you feel stuck or demotivated, let alone finish. When starting out the idea of making an app or website from scratch is daunting and it can make you feel overwhelmed.

Remember to progress by taking Baby steps and thankfully HTML is one of the simplest language, and you won’t need any prior programming experience or background either.

So let us look into what you can build with just HTML and CSS knowledge.

1. Webpage Including Form

Websites often add forms for users to fill such that they can collect some relevant data for their sales or reach. It could be a Contact form, log-in/sign-up form or Survey form. This project is a great way to implement your knowledge of structuring a web page.
Again, you can always experiment with the design using CSS and make it more interactive.
Here are some of the tutorials for your reference:-

2. Parallax Website

A parallax website has a scrolling effect which allows you to scroll up and down the page to see the the background content (i.e. an image) at a different speed than the foreground content while scrolling. It gives a unique and fun effect on a website.

3. Landing Page

A landing page includes numerous vital elements, you will have to combine your HTML knowledge with your creative skills. This project will help you implement a strong idea of structuring web-pages.
You can pick any of the trending niches to try be it Restaurant landing page, E-commerce landing page etc.

4. Music Store Page

A perfect Idea for a music lover. You will have to include necessary buttons such as start, stop, rewind/forward, etc. Add relevant links and images for the collection of songs available. At the footer, you can include contact details, and links for registration, in-store purchases, subscription packages, and trial options.

5. Photography Site

The idea here is to create a basic one page responsive site to showcase Photos. you will need to work with HTML5 and CSS3 to develop this photography website. You can create a gallery with a view button so users can go to the images section and slide to view the following images.
Here are some of the references:-

6. Technical Documentation

Every language, software, hardware, etc. has technical documentation for information and help. The main idea behind this project is to create a technical documentation page. You can check out the documentation for Python, Java, Arduino, etc. for reference on how these pages look. Technical documentation could be a beneficial HTML project if you are just starting with your HTML career. You can also contribute to github repositories by adding a good readme file or any other necessary tech document.

Here are some of the references:-

7. Personal Portfolio

You can create your own portfolio using HTML & CSS, You need to be proficient in HTML & CSS for creating this. The project should contain the standard information for a work portfolio, including your name and image, projects, niche skills, and interests.
You can also add image sliders or gallery view to showcase your work and again it's free to play around on hover effects using CSS.

Here are some of the references:-

So with that, we've ended the part-1 of our 15 HTML & CSS only project ideas. These projects will help you practice basics and these are not very overwhelming as well. Start experimenting with them and keep learning.
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