Understanding the Scope of Cheap Proxies

Before you set out to purchase proxies, you have to know a lot of things about cheap proxies.

Are you tired of using free proxies and you want to step up your game with paid proxies? I want to say congratulations because you are about to experience a different dimension of the internet browsing experience. You would have checked private proxies for purchase, only to realize that you are on a tight budget. Now, you will want to resolve to cheap private proxies or cheap shared proxies because of your tight budget. But the question is this; are cheap proxies really worth buying? You just need to know the pros and cons and weigh the options with your business and online activity at stake. You will need to know if you should really buy cheap proxies. This article will guide you, read and then decide for yourself.


A Recap on Proxies

They have provided security and privacy for users. Hacking, ransomware, and identity theft have been checked with the double security measures provided by proxies. People cannot track their personal information, internet activities, or location when they use proxies. Also, your IP address and physical address will be protected from hackers and scammers. Many times, credit cards have been hacked to siphon millions of dollars from bank accounts. These crimes are perpetrated by hackers and money launders who plant some malware and other hacking-related apps on computers. Proxies will help shield you from such wicked acts.

With the waves of internet crimes, advertisers, secret organizations, and hackers have found different ways into people’s computers, whereby they monitor a lot of activities going on in there. They use that means to analyze online activities, gather information, and access the username and password for your online accounts. All these things are done with a tracker deployed into your computer. Things like that can be embarrassing because all your movements, online chats, transactions, social media handles, and other things like that can be monitored, putting your security and wellbeing in danger.

Now, you are an internet user and you need to protect your identity from any kind of fraud and scammers, all you need to do is to start using proxies. They will save you from any form of identity theft and other cybercrimes. Proxies are very important and they will help you a lot, if you know about them and how to get the authentic ones. Proxies’ major aim is to link you up with a server that connects you to a website and then it hides your real identity from any form of malpractices. The proxies provide you with a proxy IP address which masks your IP address and makes it hard and impossible for criminals and stalkers to know about your online activities. 


Comparison of the Different Types of Proxies with Cheap Proxies

We have proxies based on connection types (forward and reverse proxies), proxies by protocol and anonymity (HTTP and socks proxies), and proxies based on origin and access type (public/open, private, and shared proxies).


The public/free proxies can be compared to the time of the dial-up days. Many people make use of these proxies at the same time and you will have a very bad browsing experience. You will have to share bandwidth with thousands of people at the same time and it will clog up the system and make it unbearably slow. The speed is very and extremely slow and it will never give you a good browsing experience. If you need a very fast internet experience because of your work, then using free proxies will be very bad for you.

The semi-dedicated or shared proxies are better in speed and they are based on the number of users. The more the users, the lesser the speed, and the lesser the number of users, the more the speed. There is no concern with the bandwidth because the users are not as much as free proxies. Cheap proxies are very easy to use and they provide you with convenience at any time you feel like it. If what you are doing does not transmit large data amounts, you will experience a very good and fast connection. They have almost all the benefits of private proxies and they provide security for you.

The dedicated proxies are very fast because you are the only one using them. There is no other competition and only you have the exclusive right to the proxy servers. It is very good for data scraping because of the speed required to dislodge other users.



Most free proxies are free and they don’t require you to pay a dime before you can use them. Anybody can use it at any time and there is no need for you to pay any amount of money to your internet provider. Though there are free proxies that you will need to pay for. The reason why you will have to pay is that paid public proxies make it possible for you to pay for services that will enable you to see a great list of pre-tested proxies. Though they are still public proxies, the difference between them and the free public proxies is that a script is been run by someone to make sure that all the listed public proxies are still working fine. If your budget is tight, it is good to pay for a pre-tested proxies list so that your internet experience will be well enhanced.

Most of the shared proxies are called cheap private proxies and they are also known as semi-dedicated proxies because their IPs are shared by more than one user. They are paid for, but they are very cheap because the money meant to be paid for private proxies is split among the number of users. 

 The cost of private proxies is more than the two other types of proxies. With as low as 3 to 5 USD per month for each proxy, you will be able to experience the full packaged benefits that come with dedicated proxies. You will also have a low downtime that is less than 0.01% which will provide better long-term services.


Connection Type

Free: It is always important to conceal your identity when making use of the internet. To have 100% anonymity, you will need a private connection so that you will not be exposed. But unfortunately, free HTTP proxies are not 100% private and they contain a lot of lags and side effects. Your usage of the internet can be logged by the provider which can put you into problems with the authorities governing your jurisdiction. Your activity can be tracked down anytime you are online which does not look anywhere near private.

Shared/Cheap: They offer 100% anonymity depending on the kind of shared connection. They can be slow in connectivity since they are shared by two or more users. Cheap proxies are very easy to use and they provide you with convenience at any time you feel like it. If what you are doing does not transmit a large data amounts, you will experience a very good and fast connection. They have almost all the benefits of private proxies and they provide security for you.

Private: They are very fast, they offer 100% anonymity and they are very reliable in their connection. They are consistent and they are 100% secure.


What are Cheap Proxies?

Cheap proxies are shared or semi-dedicated proxies. They have almost or all the features as private proxies. They are used by multiple users at the same time though the connection is more secure than public proxies since you pay for it. Cheap proxies are better than free proxies based on many factors. They provide you with privacy, anonymity, and speed. Cheap proxies can come in the form of semi-dedicated or dedicated private proxies. When you use dedicated proxies, you will surely have the luxury of being the one and only use but when you use semi-dedicated proxies, you will have to share with people. Both are very safe, affordable, and secure.

They also offer you 100% anonymity and they do not contain ads. As long as you pay for proxies, you are surely going to get the working proxies. When you buy your proxies, you only need to get to work with it and be sure that it works perfectly. So, buy them, start working with them, and be sure to enjoy the ride. If you don’t like paying for proxies, you are surely going to experience bad proxies which may cost you a lot of misfortunes. So instead, you can invest a low as $1 to get a shared or dedicated proxy because most paid proxies are very cheap and affordable.

It is advisable to buy them in bulk because they are ridiculously affordable for your use. With a bulky amount of proxies, you can switch from one proxy to the other to have a more perfect internet experience. If you want to enjoy your safety, security, anonymity, speed, peace of mind, and reliability, then you surely need to release a few measly bucks and get a cheap proxy. You also have to be very smart when making your decision of cheap proxies.

 Unlike other types of proxies, the cheap proxies are not used or allocated on just a single website platform; they are mostly used for data mining and project scraping because their users do not need to sign up or log into different accounts before they can gain access to the data. This trait is rare among free or public proxies.

Cheap or shared proxies are very good for project works and there are many kinds of providers out there who are willing to sell these proxies at measly bits of bucks. Some will offer at the lowest price compared to their competitor in the market but one has to be careful with the provider because even though they offer the proxies at the cheapest price, most of them lack perfect connectivity, speed, and 100% anonymity. It is good to make your research well before you go on to purchase cheap proxies.


Why Should You Use Cheap Proxies?

You don’t need to be on a fat budget before you can use quality proxies. Even with your tight budget, you can still use semi-dedicated proxies for your project works. Even though they aren’t free, you can resolve to free/public proxies and put your security, identity and information to risk. What you have to put in mind is that whenever you are surfing online, your computer’s task to log every website you visit and pick up cookies from there.

This gives companies the exclusive right and ability to track your location and your online activities. You will need a proxy that offers anonymity and consistency in switching and concealing your IP or else you will have your information used for fraudulent activities after your identity is discovered. When you pay for a proxy, you will be able to prevent external monitoring of your search engines, search results, accounts’ passwords and other important and confidential details.

Cheap proxies are shared proxies and according to their names, they are cheap in cost because you are sharing the server with other users and the costs of the proxies are split between the various users of these proxies. So, buying cheap proxies is better than managing public proxies. When you invest little bucks for proxies, you are doing a lot of good to your privacy, identity and your performance speed. Also, you will not have any need of testing the proxies to see if they will work, because they will surely work as they were paid for.

One of the benefits of buying cheap proxies is that you are can buy them in bulk as cheap as they are. With that, you will be able to navigate from one proxy to another make it hard for your IP to be banned.


Best Cheap Proxy Service

Many providers of proxies sell packages of dedicated proxies for the various web services but Instant proxies do not sell theirs like that. What they sell are dedicated or semi-dedicated proxies that provide a good working experience for your proxies.


Price: Among all the proxy services, InstantProxies are one of the cheapest in relativity to their efficiency. As cheap as it is, you can be sure to enjoy great qualities like speed, reliability and decent connectivity. You can buy in bulk like about 25 proxies at the rate of $1 per proxy and you will be sure to enjoy more geo cities, subnets and fast surfing speed.

 Authentication: Setting up InstantProxies is very easy and fast. According to the name of their brand, you will have the setup done instantly. They also have abundant resources of step-by-step detailed tutorials with pictorial references. These tutorials will get you started with the authentication as quick as possible.

Geo-Location: They have the luxury of multiple geo-locations, cities and varieties of subnets. You also have an assurance of privacy because you will be able to perfectly conceal your identity.

Absolute Anonymity: InstantProxies’ service provider provides proxies that will protect you from threats. The proxies serve as the perfect barriers to prevent any form of exposure of your identity.


Their packages can only work through IP authentication. This is not the best, not everyone will be willing to use the IP authentication method as most people are used to the internet and social media browsing experience which requires the use of username and password.

They only support the monthly pricing method. Most times, users will prefer to pay for the whole year or quarterly to avoid the monotony of paying after every month.

You cannot use the proxies for SMPT mailing because they have been blocked with the mailing services.


Their proxy service is fast and reliable and their servers are all around the world with over 110 locations worldwide in their coverage. After payment, the proxies are activated instantly and the customer service is of a dedicated quality. They provide the benefits of exclusive anonymity a part of the internet experience. They also offer HTTP and SOCKS5 proxy protocols and they provide the users with different price packages, choices of private and shared proxies where they can choose from. Each package comes with bandwidth and IP addresses that vary according to the available prices.


  • Their availability span across over 110 countries and this makes them suitable for users who will like to make use of a wide variety of international proxies.
  • There is a money-back guarantee for requests and bandwidths that are unused.
  • The setup is very fast and you can get started with your account in less than minutes.


  • It is impossible to use Xrumer or scrapebox on proxybonanza. This software are blog spamming software.
  • The bandwidth is proxy bonanza is not unlimited compared to other sources of proxy services. It will be impossible to send spam emails, bulk emails and advertising campaigns.
  • When you purchase from proxy bonanza, the limitations you are going to experience will not be communicated to you. This can cause a lot of problems and risks that you were not prepared for.


They are one of the proxy service providers that have the cheapest available proxies. They are basically used by those who want to try semi-dedicated or dedicated proxies for the first time. Their website and payment system are very simple and easy for those who want to purchase proxies.


  • Simplicity: Their simple website portal and payment plans make it easy for beginners of proxies to have a good user experience.
  • They offer both username/password and IP address authentication methods which make it easier to choose either of the authentication methods.


  • It is impossible to use the proxies for mailing, torrenting and XRumer software. Also, you can’t use the proxies for your social media accounts because the platforms are dynamic in nature. This is a great disadvantage for those who are involved in social media marketing.


Reasons Why You May Not Consider Cheap Proxies

When you think of buying cheap proxies, you must be very careful about certain things and these things can even discourage you, but you just have to be very careful. The first is when you are about to make your payment. When you pay for proxy services, you will also pay for downloaded traffic which will maintain your anonymity when using the internet. But the problem here is that there may be times when there are inspections by relevant services which can make it possible for your connections to be tracked since, in paid proxies, all the users’ actions are logged.

So, when there is a long chain of cheap proxies, your pay rate will rise. When you are using a cheap proxy, you will find it hard to switch to other proxies because you will have to pay for them before you are able to peacefully switch between them. These disadvantages are not pleasant at all, considering that you paid some amount of money to get them. Though, for the fact that they are cheap and you will have to understand that there will be limitations and setbacks.

  • They may offer recycled proxies that have been banned by a particular website before you purchased them. Those IPs may have been flagged as spam and then blocked by a particular website.
  • Speed is one major thing to consider. Since you are not the only one that has access to the proxies, the speed is determined by the number of users at a particular time.