My 3 Month Experience in GSSOC '21

What is Girl Script Summer of Code ?

GirlScript Summer of Code is the 3 month long Open Source program during summers conducted by GirlScript Foundation, started in 2018, with an aim to help beginners get started with Open Source Development while encouraging diversity.

Who can Participate ?

If you have basic git skills or are first timers or even veteran developers, GirlScript Summer of Code would give you a taste of contributing in a long open source projects. Continuously for 3 months you will contribute to your assigned projects under guidance of experienced mentors.

My Experience at GSSOC '21 :

On the day of 29nd Jan, the mentor/participant registration period began. And I got my selection mail on 18th Feb which looks like this :
Selection Mail
After the registration closed, the selected list of projects that covered a wide variety of tech stack was announced on the GSSoC website so that going through those several projects and choosing the project which matched my tech stack became more accessible.

From a huge number of projects I worked mainly on three projects which were :

  • Devternship

DevTernShip aims to automate a process that is usually beset by difficulties; The recruitment phase is riddled with disorientation and this makes it difficult for the onboarding interns to make heads or tails of the system.

Here's where DevTernShip jumps into the picture - An Internship Onboarding platform with an innovative learning management system and intuitive performance tools, we ensure that all is 'smooth sailing' when it comes to the talent pipeline. Moreover, Augmented efficiency is brought about with a simple and robust UI, thus rendering the experience even more dynamic.

  • Delhi Tourism
  • Awesome JavaScript projects

The 3 months passed in contributing these 3 projects but there were others projects also on which I contributed and merge my pull request.
The felling when your Pull Request merges is of another level and it encourages you to work more hard and contribute to other communities as well.

At the end, I only want to say that this was a great learning experience for me. Throughout this wonderful journey, I learnt some new tech stacks, learnt how a community works, and did open source contributions to many communities. I get the guidance of some really great mentors, and connect with many fellow participants.

Thanks to GirlScript Organisation for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.😊

And ya... that's my journey, all the GSSOCER'S tell your experience down in the comment and let's grow our community for a good cause😋
Till then!

Happy Learning!!