8 Ultimate ressources for learning Web Dev in 2021 #2

Hey friends ! I'm sharing with you a lot of ressources about web developper that will help you to improve your skills and save your time ! (for the second time !)

Javascript πŸ–₯️


A nice recap about all Javascript operator (will you learn new one truly !)

Graph Markdown

You want to create a nice graph for your documentation in markdown ? Documentation is very very important in any project !



A lot of CSS pattern that is very usefull !

All CSS Reference

Website that gather all css properties ! very usefull if you need to check a property fastly !


You want to learn flexbox ? Go to this !


DOM Event

You have trouble or you want to re-learn dom event ? this ressource is very usefull, it's an interactive dom event simulator online !

Others πŸ“Œ

Semantic version

For all developers, semantic versionning is very important when you are creating and maintaining a project !

Simple Icon

Developer are not designer ! when we need some graphical resource, we lost our time ! This resource share a lot of icon that you can use !

I hope you like this reading!

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