What Is Netlify and Reasons Why You Should Use It?

In present times, there exist several website hosting platforms. But when it comes to naming the ideal ones available out there, you cannot ignore Netlify. The platform Netlify makes it a lot convenient and easier for developers to host their websites. It is meant to simplify your web app development and hosting processes while letting you manage things without any hassle. Not only this, the solution can bring innumerable benefits to your way.

If you want to get more information about Netlify, here are the complete details of Netlify that will provide you with a better idea about the platform.

What Is Netlify, and How It Works?

Netlify is next-generation automation and web hosting platform that helps in enhancing your productivity in the best way possible. It simplifies the developers’ process to deploy as well as host a site. It is way easier for an eCommerce website development service without spending too much effort or time with its amazing features.

Netlify is a San-Francisco-based company that works on web hosting infrastructure and automation technology. The platform offers a faster way to ensure increased scalability, performance, and secure websites and apps from the local development process to advanced logic.

The website industry is rapidly changing from monolithic approaches to decoupled approaches. The developers are also storming ahead with more power than before. Therefore, the Netlify platform has been developed to offer web automation technology and web hosting where developers can build, test, and deploy websites. Not only developers but digital marketers and editors get an advantage from the platform too. The best part is Netlify is available in an affordable range.

Netlify works when it is connected to your GitHub repository that pulls the source code of the website. After, that it starts running a build process for pre-rendering all the pages of your website into static HTML. Then the resulting pages are distributed and deployed across the wide content delivery network range. Whenever a user requests to access the hosting website, it will select the nearest data centre and serve users effectively.
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Main Features of Netlify are as follows:

1. Hosting

Using Netlify, one can effectively host static websites, ensuring better performance, speed, scalability, and security. You do not need to pay to get custom domain name support. You can also stand out with HTTPS and custom domain names using Netlify. With less price, it offers various interesting services.

2. Forms

For getting information from your users, creating forms is necessary. Fortunately, Netlify provides a submission feature to let you get users’ information through a simple lambda function.

3. Add-Ons

The platform provides a wide range of tools and application ecosystem that is quite helpful in web app development. You can utilize add-ons like identity, forms, analytics, and partner integration for better functionality.

4. Continuous Deployment

It is incredibly faster as well as easier in the deployment process of your website. You just need to set the initial connection between source code and site, and then it will push all the changes.

5. Split Testing

This feature of Netlify will aid in deploying two different website versions. An eCommerce website development service should check which version works the best for the business effectively.

6. Serverless Functions

If you are going for a static site but do not want to deal with the backend, you can use the third-part Baas solution. Even though your site is decoupled, but Netlify’s lambda functions will allow you to anything required with complete ease. For backend solutions, Netlify enables to integrate the serverless functions.