10 Ways to Host Your React App For Free

Here are the 10 services that provide free hosting for your React App.

React is the most popular library in JavaScript. Most of the developers are moving to react. The React community is growing rapidly. As there are more React Apps are developed.

But the problem here is the cost of hosting the App. As the app users grow, we need to scale based on it and the cost to Increase! So here we can see the services that provide free hosting. Let’s Host.

1. Netlify

Other than deployment, Netlify also provides serverless functions, Forms, Analytics, CLI, API and more. Most of these features are provided for free with some limitations.

2. Vercel

Vercel provides a preview link for Pull Request in Bitbucket, Github and GitLab to test the feature before deploying.

Vercel also provides some starter templates to create a new App and deploy it. It Provides continuous deployment, Serverless functions, HTTPS and more.

3. AWS S3

Amazon Web Services is the world’s leading cloud service provider. It provides almost every cloud services, and some services are given only by AWS.

You just need to upload the React Build files to the bucket. Once Upload is completed. You can access the app using the bucket URL. You can also configure CloudFront to add a custom domain and HTTPS.

AWS provides 12 months of free credits on the new account. You can use that free credits for using S3 and also other AWS services.

4. AWS Amplify

Amazon Web Services also provides another service called Amplify to host your React App. Amplify will build and host your React App with global CDN.

Amplify can be integrated with Git services to make the continuous deployment. It also provides HTTPS, Custom Domain, Monitoring, Password Protection, Pull-Request previews and More.

Amplify comes with 12 months free of cost. As it used Amazon CloudFront CDN, the Deployed Apps are faster and cached in nearby edge locations to serve very quickly.

5. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft provides Azure Static Web Apps to host your React App. The hosted app is served from distributed points globally to provide better performance.

Azure provides Free HTTPS, Custom Domains, Versioning, Git Integration and more.

Azure has a free plan with these services. It provides continuous deployment using Git integration.

6. GitHub Pages

You can directly host your React app from the GitHub repository. You just need to make your changes and push to make your React App live.

GitHub Pages provide Free HTTPS and Custom Domain. You can configure the GitHub pages with some simple steps.

7. Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud provides Cloud Storage Bucket to host static sites. All you need to create a bucket, upload the code and make it public. Now your React App is deployed.

Cloud Storage Bucket does not provide HTTPS and custom domain. You can configure it with the HTTPS Load Balancing service.

Cloud Storage Bucket has a Free Tier plan with monthly limits. Google also provides 300$ free credits for new Account.

8. Render

Render provides Free SSL, Global CDN, Custom Domain, Auto Deploy with Git Integration.

Render provides a Free Plan to Host Static Site and Competitive Pricing for Other services too.

9. Surge

Surge doesn’t provide any Web Console to host the Web Pages. You can host your React App from your CLI.

You can host it with a few steps using the surge CLI. It provides Free SSL, Custom Domain Configuration. Hosting in surge might require some CLI skills.

10. Heroku

You can deploy your React App using Heroku Buildpack for create-react-app. Using Heroku CLI, You can deploy the React App with few commands. The Buildpack is used for Automatic Deployment and a built-in Bundler to make the deployment less complicated.

Heroku provide free SSL, Custom Domain and Git Integration.


There are some more free services like Firebase and CloudFlare Pages. I hope you have found this useful. Thank you for reading.

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