Supabase June Release 2021

Supabase is gearing up for another Launch Week on July the 26th. Until then, here's a few new things to try.

This is also available as a blog post and a video demo.

Vercel integration

Vercel just released their new integrations, which means you can now deploy a Postgres database on Supabase directly from your Vercel account.
Check it out!

Discord logins are now available

Building a community? There's almost no better tool than Discord (we're even trialling it ourselves).
If you're building a community product, Discord logins are the perfect option.

New Guides

We spent the month building up a new Guides section in our Docs. Here are a few highlights:

Postgres Full Text Search

Ever wanted to build a Search Engine? We just released a guide which shows you how to implement
Full Text Search using Postgres.

OAuth Guides

We released step-by-step guides to help you set up OAuth with
Apple, Bitbucket, Facebook, GitHub, GitLab, Google, and Twitter.

Javascript + Postgres

Did you know that you can use Javascript inside your Postgres database? Here's how, with the plv8 extension.

Public Storage Buckets

Want to share all your favourite memes? Now it's even easier with Public Storage Buckets. Simply mark a bucket as "Public" and the content will be accessible without a login.

Storage upserts

Supabase Storage now supports upsert. Shoutout to @ankitjena for this Pull Request.

Server restarts

When things go wrong, sometime the best thing you can do is reboot. We released a restart button in the Dashboard,
the first of many debugging tools we'll be releasing over the next few months.

Policy editor

We added a new Table Policy Editor which makes Row Level Security even easier. We even included a few templates to get you started.

Build in Public

We run a weekly 1-hour live stream where we build in public.


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External contributions



  • We fixed a XSS bug in the Auth0 Next.js library. GitHub Credit to @inian and Ishan Patel (a Supabase community member)

Coming Next

Launch Week!! Remember that time we did a Launch Week? Well we're doing it again at the end of July.
Strap in, because we're shipping one thing every day for a week.

Let's goooooo.

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