Ionic for Cross Platform Mobile App Development - Overview

Have you ever wanted to make a mobile app?

Are you a web developer how wants to try something new, or
Maybe you are new to coding but don't want to specialize in one operating system or language.

Either way, Ionic can make the most of common web development skills and bring this goal into reach.

What is Ionic?

Ionic is an UI toolkit that is open source and cross platform

When used in combination with capacitor, it is used for mobile application development.

With these tools you can develop a progressive web app, an
iPhone app, and an Android app all with one code base!

What do you need to know?

I recommend that you are familiar with HTML5, CSS3, and vanilla JavaScript.

Although is is not necessary, React, Angular, and Vue are also able to be used to build an Ionic application.

Where to start?

Head over to Ionic

Start by reading through and following their well written documentation.

Ionic is great for anyone but especially web developers who want to try their hand in mobile development.

Good luck and happy building!