Must have Vs Code extensions for beginners in 2021

Today there are dozens of code editors and IDEs available out there. But, there is absolutely no doubt that VsCode is the leading editor of choice by most developers. It is what most modern devs today recommend to a beginner to start with.
It is a free to use, open source, and highly customizable code editor with IDE like features, and is backed by Microsoft.
Also, it can be made even more powerful with the help of extensions(available from the VsCode marketplace) to improve our workflow as beginners.
Here are the top 10 extensions which everyone should install with VsCode.
Lets begin GIF

1) Prettier

2) Code Runner

3) Live Server

4) Bracket Pair Colorizer

5) Color Highlighter

6) Auto Rename Tag

7) CSS Peak

8) Peacock

9) Code Spell Checker

10) Git Lens

So, Finally we did it. These are the top 10 extensions every beginner should install and try out.