Write It Down

Everyone has their idea may it be about a video game or the food they last ate, or even the formula to solve cancer

We all have ideas and they come and go, in times when we want them and in most times when we don't want them.

Sometimes it comes in the most inappropriate times, like when we are trying to sleep.

These ideas just circle in your head, bouncing around your skull like a banshee that wants to get out.

But it doesn't, it sits and camps there for a while.

Well let me tell you the only way you can remove that nasty camper
Is by writing it down, may it be Digital or physical

Somehow it just transfers once you put it down. The beauty of writing down.

For me, the best ideas show ups when I'm trying to sleep

That's why I bring always a notebook, The Notebook of Ideas
If it's not there I have my smartphone with a note-taking app.

But it doesn't happen during sleeping only

It can happen in the shower, while you're walking, while you're commuting

But what's common of all situations, most ideas come when you are in a silent place

Where you can talk to yourself

think, think, think.

The sad thing is this ideas come and go, once you get distracted or even think of something else, your idea is gone

Lucky you if ever you'll get to have the chance to grasp that idea again

Again a reason why you should write it down

“Like Yow right down now not later nor tomorrow”

Now is the best time before it's gone

You won't want to waste a wonderful idea

Every Idea is important

No matter how small the solution you came up with can solve.

No matter what your race, your gender, your sexuality, or your educational background.

Its a solution to a problem

And that's helpful

It may even be incomplete

Allowing you to branch out and research more to better up your idea

Ideas from others

Talking to other people. Fitting their shoes.

Helps you practice thinking. Helps you and your friend or whoever you are talking to unrivaled wonderful ideas

The power of having different brains!

Ideas are like a jigsaw puzzle, Sometimes they fit, sometimes they don't.
But when it does fit, it forms a beautiful image.


You'll never know you'll have that one idea that can change people's lives, or even change your idea.

And you'll never know when you'll form it. And you'll never know when you'll forget about it

So keep a notebook, make it as small as possible that it fits your back pocket with that pen of yours

Because I know you're a thinker because we are all thinkers.

And all these problems we face can only be solved by sharing and contributing our ideas to the world, and collaborating with others!