Learning how to Build, Secure, and Deploy your Azure Static Web App in C#

Recently I participated in a series of videos about Azure Static Web Apps: Azure Tips and Tricks: Static Web Apps on Microsoft Channel 9. The series is perfect to get started and cover multiple different scenarios in different Javascript frameworks and C#. In this post, I wanted to regroup the four videos related to .Net Blazor. I also added the GitHub links part of the references at to end.

In this video, we start from scratch. We will build and deploy a brand new static website with .Net Blazor.

Now that you built your web app with C# and Blazor, what about adding a serverless C# API to it? Have a look!

Prevent unwanted users to access your C# API by configuring authentication and authorization in your Blazor Azure Static Web Apps.

I hope those videos will help you to get started. If you have questions and/or comments don't hesitate to reach out (comments, DM, GitHub issues), it's always a pleasure.

In this video, I wanted to show one of the great features of Azure Static Web App Learn: the creation of pre-production environments. Using the CI/CD workflow, you can preview your pull requests changes before it's in production leveraging the automatic creation of pre-production environments!