7 best Chat Plugins between users in 2021

In this article we want to review the most popular group chat plugins for your website:

RumbleTalk Live Group Chat (free and paid options)

  • The account owner may create one room or several rooms
  • In every room, there is a place for a group discussion as well as a private one-on-one chat between participants (can be configured).

RumbleTalk FREE chat is limited to 5 seats (participants). The Premium version allows you also to talk with more simultaneous chatters, live audio calls, live video calls, private chat, moderations and more. Cost of the Premium version varies from $25 to $399 (50-800 participants). They also offer the Customized plans for more than 800 participants.
They have six different chat types to choose from whether you need one or many rooms:

That’s how the chat looks from the web:

ImbaChat (free and paid options)

ImbaChat - a cloud chat software for a website. Also, it's a service for communication between users and a live chat support tool. Online support chat, group chat and private chat between users in one cloud service.
It allows you to add a chat widget on your website for free. ImbaChat also provides private video chat and group video chat between users for the webinars.

It suits social networking websites, dating websites and any other communities where it is important to give users a convenient mode of communication. Also, ImbaChat will be the great solution to set a communication between buyer and seller in Multivendor Marketplace website.

Besides that, plugin provides the live chat feature. That the chat between user and website administrator. It helps to improve customer service in online shops and increase user’s conversion.

ImbaChat provides the additional chat features, custom interface design or any other changes, they are ready to discuss this and choose the best solution for customizing the chat plugin for you.

ImbaChat features:

  • Private chat between users
  • Group chat
  • Chat support with website admin
  • File sharing
  • Geolocation sharing
  • Style Customization
  • Language Customization
  • Video Chat
  • Voice Chat More features you can learn here.

ImbaChat team are constantly upgrading plugin by adding new features, improving usability and fixing bugs. ImbaChat users get notified for all exciting updates via email.
If your website works with the following CMS, you can easily integrate the chat plugin:

  • LiveStreet CMS
  • October CMS
  • Wordpress
  • Opencart

Integration for the self-written websites is possible too. ImbaChat as a chat plugin for WordPress is most developed. It has elaborate integrations with BuddyPress, SweetDate and WooCommerce.

ImbaChat has free plans available with lots of functions included, paid plans starting from $4.99 per month:
ImbaChat pricing

Also there is a Self hosted version for those who prefer to host in their own data center or private cloud.

How the chat looks like on web:

AtomChat (starting from $40 per month)

A Power-packed Admin Panel allows you to manage AtomChat and its features. You can further use features like Role-Based Access Control, Credit-Based Billing, and Advertisements to Monetize your Website.

Providing integration assistance, more than 30 integrations available. Pricing plan starts at $40/month, but as they mentioned, “Whichever plan you choose, the first 14 days are on us”.
One on one and group chat on web and mobile:

FlyZoo (starting from $9.90)

They have Live Support Chat - possible to customize online/offline greeting messages. Support requests are automatically routed to the first available operator. Live support chat is essential to increase conversions and sales.
Great option for the stores and marketplaces as they have feature of Real-time visitors monitoring: identify and chat with potential customers to increase sales! (PRO+ Plan).

ChatBro (Free and paid options)

On the Website they provide the chat constructor example - you can see how the chat looks on desktop and mobile, check all the features and try to adjust them up to your needs and interests.

One more interesting point - Website chat synchronized with Telegram group chat. You can join Telegram group chat from the web chat menu. Conversation will go on within Telegram creating thematic content for your site. You can add @ChatbroBot to an existing conversation and place the history on your website. Admins find it convenient to answer user questions from mobile phones using a messenger application. Synchronization with Telegram looks as below:

Price is depending on the number of unique visitors per day. During the first free month they'll collect stats and show the average costs. For example the site with 13500 unique visitors per day will cost 10 EUR per month.

iFlyChat (free and paid options)

They have preconfigured chat templates for your niche to get you started in a
couple of minutes:

  • Trading - Share your expert advice on becoming a successful trader and achieving financial freedom and create a new revenue stream.
  • Fantasy Sports - Provide expert DFS drafts and line ups and charge on pay per min basis. Share the latest game and player injury updates within chat.
  • Gaming - Increase your revenue by sharing exclusive game contests & offers within the chat. Send game invites from chat to drive engagement.

iFlyChat offers peer to peer and group chat. One of the most interesting features - In-built Monetization. Get paid for sharing your expert advice with your community members and create a new revenue stream. What do they offer? Different membership levels, per minute rate, pay per content, Google Ads inside chat, upsell affiliate products inside chat, integration with Stripe, Authorize.net, etc.

Secure chat infrastructure which scales automatically to keep powering your conversations 24×7: TLS/SSL encryption, secure cloud infrastructure, DDOS defence, incident response program, uptime SLA of 99.9%, log retention, automatic scalability, GDPR and HIPPA compliance.
Chat interface on the website:

BP Better Messages (free and paid options)

BP Better Messages has many different features which are listed in the table above. They have a free version of the plugin and paid version - WebSocket version. The WebSocket version is a paid option, you can get a license key on their website. They are using their server to implement websockets communications between your site and users. Their websockets servers are completely private and do not store or track any private data.
You can translate plugin to your language with LocoTranslate or participate in plugin translation.

Below is how the chat looks like:

We hope this article helped you choose the best live chat support software for your website.