IT platform dedicated for Hospital and Clinics management

This product is an IT platform dedicated for Hospital and Clinics management

✔️ Patient Admission System (PAS)
✔️ Eletronic Medical Record (EMR)
✔️ Human Resource Management (Admin)
⚡ AI Analysis for Fundus and Dry Eye (Beta)

  1. PAS - Patient Admission System

Managing patient profiles
Booking appointment
Admit patient into EMR system
Accepting payments, export invoices and payment receipts
High performance and thorough Reporting system

✔️ 2. EMR - Electronic Medical Record

Medical Forms for doctor to perform examination
Data collection and Episode Manegemnt for each patients visits
Scalable Archetype design to extend to different medical fields
Medicine and Medication management system
Patient Visits and Discharge Summary management

✔️ 3. Admin - Internal Organzation Management

Management of hospital's Human resources
Management of Branding and satlite Clinics
Complete customization of available Medical Services
Doctor Roster and Scheduling System

⚡ 4. A2DS - AI Assisted Diagnosis System (beta)

Dry Eye detection algorithm
Fundus Lesion detection algorithm
Analysis and Flow management

How To Use

  1. Run using docker compose 🌈 A complete, Open version of the platform is ready to use with the following commands:

Clone this repository

Go into the repository

$ cd his-composer

Run the app

$ docker-compose up -d
Then navigate to the following URL:

Username: root
Password: Admin@123#

  1. Modify the Default SQL Password ⚡️ You can update the default MSSQL Password by changing the following sections:

In docker-compose.yml file, update line - SA_PASSWORD=[Your new password...]
In api.env file, update line HIS_APP_MSSQL_DB_PASSWORD=[Your new password...]
Then rebuild and run the system:

docker-compose up --build -d

  1. Hosting the frontend via a reverse proxy ⭐ We highly recomdend you should be familiar with how to setup a reverse proxy for the application, for example with nginx.

For fontend website to successfully call Backend APIs, modify the following URLs inside web.env file:

Then rebuild and run the system:

docker-compose up --build -d
This software is made by these technologies:

.NET Core
SQL Server
Appolo GraphQL