Last week in WWDC 2021, Apple announced the iOS 15 software update. Apple announced a significant update for the company’s iPhone operating system. This update brings terrific new iOS 15 features that will blow your mind to the very core. We are here with an overview that will picture what amazing things will come within this September an update. This whole article will be like opening the boxes of gifts, one after one; you’ll get surprised that will make the butterflies fly in your stomach.

Let’s get rolling!


iOS 15 Overview
iOS 15 New Features

1 Revamped Notification Centre

2 Prioritized and Organised Notification Image

3 New Memoji

4 Message Overhaul

5 Facetime Overhaul

6 Maps

7 Wallets

8 Safari

9 SharePlay

10 Photo App improved

11 Live Text

12 Siri

13 New Privacy Features

14 Redesigned Notes and Weather Apps

iOS 15 Supported Devices & Release Date
Every year Apple introduces new software updates for the iPhone. Apple in June 2021 at
WWDC 2021 came up with an iOS 15 update which is set to release in September. iOS 15 came up with bunch of new amazing features with this update such as Revamped notification centre, Focus mode, Message overhaul, Facetime Overhaul, Safari is 100x better, Maps got even better, Photos app is improved, Visual lookup, Spotlight search, Wallet apps get state IDs, Offline Siri commands, Stronger privacy standards, and Airpods improvement.

Although, this time, it is fascinating because the updates are about to be very user friendly. The process of every functionality will improvise in a faster and better way.

Moreover, there is a wide range of iPhone devices that will support this update.

Every year Apple releases a new update, but this time it was a boom when the news of iOS 15 popped around the world because this update came with many changes that generated the buzz around the iPhone users.

Here, we can confirm, though, that Apple is introducing and improving a host of facets in its upcoming iteration in iOS 15 Update. Tweaks to these features all make a good impression on Apple users.

Hold your breath because these features will astonish your mind in a short time. Let’s take a dive into all the new iOS 15 Features and know what’s about to come.

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iOS 15 features.
Here is the list of all key iOS 15 features of the new OS. We tried them out as beta software, and we’ve listed them below, along with our thoughts. Meet some of the most enhanced and best new features in iOS 15.


In the iOS 15 update, Apple redesigned notifications. From now on, Notification will display contact photos in large icons for applications to make them easier to identify.

Notification summary basically will let you bundle up non-essential notifications from apps that you don’t care about and have them delivered at a particular time of the day in a beautiful widget not to distract you in the meantime.

Revamped Notification Centre - iOS 15 Features
The Notifications refurbishes in iOS 15, where you can add photos in contact and larger icons in applications. In addition, the notification summary will collect the notifications together for delivery according to your time and arrange all the messages like a priority to reduce notifications. That is one awesome feature that makes it very easy to get notifications from critical applications and eliminate the risks.

Revamped Notification Centre


Another best thing about this is its novelty feature “Do Not Disturb” feature. This feature is now called Focus, where you can select what apps are allowed to send in your notification or which contact can bother you to message and call.

Focus mode will tell all the apps that you have all the notifications silenced as a heads-up and enable them to override your DND request if they have something significant to say to you. Here, you can automate these focus states to turn on and off at the selected time of the day, just like “Do Not Disturb”.

Focus is a new feature that allows users to filter notifications and apps based on their wish to concentrate. Customers can customise their smartphone to help them be more present in the moment by setting a custom Focus or picking a suggested Focus, which leverages on-device intelligence to advise which people and apps should be notified.

A suggestion of Focus depends on users’ context, suppose during their work time or at the time of rolling down to bed. When the Focus is set on an Apple device, it will automatically apply to all other Apple devices.

Moreover, Users can construct Home Screen pages with applications and widgets that only display relevant apps and prevent temptation by applying them to moments of focus.


Apple has been regularly promoting WWDC2021 using their popular Memoji, and with that, they brought improvements to the various iPhone devices with iOS 15. A new customisation option is also available in Memoji in a recent update, says Apple. These new customisation options in Memoji will give the users an outstanding advantage to design and customise their Memoji according to their choice of looks and appearance. This message will be available for iMessage.

New Memoji
At the time of the keynote speech, Apple announced that iOS 15 would come with 40 new outfits, headwear, accessibility options and glasses. Here, users will be able to mix and match the color of clothes according to their choice so they can style their Memoji in any funky or classy type freely.

Have a look at these features of Memoji in detail.

Clothing: Users may now personalise their Memoji with over 40 wardrobe options to represent their mood, style, or season, as well as up to three distinct colours.
New Accessibility Option: You can now represent yourself with cochlear implants, oxygen tubes, or a soft helmet, thanks to three new accessibility options.
New Stickers Include: You can send a shaka, a hand wave, a lighting moment, and more with nine new Memoji stickers.
Eyes of Two Different Colours: You can now choose a different hue for your left and right eyes.
New Spectacles: Three new eyeglass options, including heart, star, and retro forms, allow you to personalise your character. Choose a frame and lens colour that complements your personality.
Multicoloured Hat: Choose up to three colours for your hat to represent your favourite sports team or university.


The coolest thing right here is sending a bundle of messages; they now appear as a collage that you can swipe through very quickly, and it’s so much neater, occupies less room, and you can get a glanceable collage view by clicking on the five photos there.

Now you can open up the photos in the form of a grid view just by tapping on it.

Shared With You is a critical option in this. This makes the user experience much better and makes it easy to handle.

Here, users will be assembled to pin a notable content search and access a detailed view of the conversation.

Because of the Shared With You feature, Messages will also get some region-wise improvements in iOS 15, as in SMS filtration for unwanted messages. In the time, this is going to be introduced in Brazil and notification options in China and India. Shared With You, the notification option will allow users to turn off the notifications for the messages of their choice. In addition, it’s now possible to search for photographs sent via Messages using a contact’s name.


When you’re on a video call, your mic is picking up a cacophony in sound. So, in voice isolation, machine learning distinguishes this sound, blocks down the ambient voice, and prioritizes your voice.

Sometimes, you might want every bit of sound to come through. Thus, at that time, you can switch to Wide Spectrum. In Wide Spectrum, your mic picks up an entire symphony’s worth of sound, your voice and everything around you.

If you wish to see every person’s face in the room on a video call, you can now turn on the grid view giving another way to view facetime calls and make your facetime video capture more beautiful than ever.

Grid View
Grid View
Source: Apple
When you wish to see everyone in the room, you can now turn on grid view, giving you another way to view your group, friends, or work partner’s facetime calls and make your facetime video capture more beautiful.

Portrait Mode
Potriat Mode
Source: Apple
This time, Apple introduced portrait mode in Facetime. Moreover, this portrait mode blurs the background behind you and naturally puts the focus on you. This mode will change the whole experience of video calling and video meetings to another level. Ain’t that amazing?

Facetime Link
Facetime Link
Source: Apple
Wish to schedule your facetime calls? Then, apple is going to introduce the best solution. Moreover, to help you plan your facetime calls, Apple created Facetime links. Now, generate a link for a facetime call and share it anywhere like email, WhatsApp, or you can jump into it. You can share the link with any person anywhere and connect with them.


An interactive globe view and greatly expanded details in a new 3D view for cities are now available in Maps. Neighbourhoods, business areas, elevation, buildings, and other features have been enhanced, including new road colours and labels, custom-designed landmarks, and a new “moonlit” night mode.

Source: Apple
The Maps app also offers a 3D city driving experience with the tiniest details of the road, as in medians, lanes, bikes, and pedestrian crosswalks, that works both on the iPhone and in Apple CarPlay.

Source: Apple
Travellers can now easily find nearby stations and pin their favourite lines thanks to a redesign of transit navigation. In addition, maps will automatically follow a chosen transit route, alerting users when it is time to disembark.

Source: Apple
There is also a new augmented reality walking directions view.

Simply holding up their iPhone, the Maps app will generate an accurate position to provide detailed walking directions via the camera.

Source: Apple
Place cards that have been redesigned, making it easier to find and interact with information about businesses, locations, and physical features. A new Guides Home section has adds up with editorially curated information about new places.


In iOS 15, the Wallet app now supports additional key types, such as home, office, corporate, or hotel room key cards.

The Wallet app also adds support for car keys, now using Ultra-Wideband to unlock, lock, and start your car without taking your iPhone out of your pocket.

Wallet - iOS 15 Features
Source: Apple
Wallet app also added support for car keys; now, it is using the ultra-wideband to unlock the lock, Because Ultra Wideband provides precise spatial awareness, iOS will prevent you from locking your car while your iPhone is inside or starting your vehicle while your iPhone is outside.

Remote keyless entry controls are now supported by Wallet, allowing you to lock or unlock your car, honk your horn, preheat your car, or open your trunk.

Customers in participating states in the United States will be able to add their driver’s license or state IDs to the Wallet app later in 2021. In addition, according to Apple, the Transportation Security Administration is working with Apple to make airport security checkpoints the first place customers can use their digital Identity Card in Wallet.

Safari has an entirely new design in iOS 15. Controls are relocated to the bottom of the screen, making them easier to reach with one hand.

A new, compact tab bar floats at the bottom of the screen, allowing users to swipe between tabs quickly, and it also includes a Smart Search field. In addition, tab Groups enable users to save their accounts in a folder and sync them between their iPhone and iPad. Moreover, it also offers a tab overview grid view.

Source: Apple
Safari has become even more personal and powerful because of new features like the personalised start page and web extensions on iOS.

New Safari privacy features in iOS 15 include Intelligent Tracking Prevention, which prevents trackers from profiling you based on your IP address. Thus, Safari will automatically upgrade vulnerable HTTP sites to HTTPS.


Using SharePlay, users can share various experiences while having FaceTime calls. It also includes media like TV shows, Movies, and Apple Music songs. Media plays and syncs for all the participating people. There are shared playback controls, such that anyone in FaceTime call can play, pause, skip and stop the media.

With SharePlay you can

Listen Together,

Watch Together,


Share Your Screen.

SharePlay offer users the ability to share their device’s screen to view apps together in FaceTime calls.

Many Third-party apps such as HBO Max, ESPN+, Disney+, Hulu, Paramount+, Tiktok, PlutoTV, MasterClass and many others are supported to integrate SharePlay.

SharePlay can be used in different devices like iPad, iPhone, AppleTV, and Mac, such that users can watch movies and TV series with bigger screen size on other devices.

SharePlay - iOS 15 Features
Source: Apple
SharePlay offers intelligent volume control that automatically adjusts and enhances audio on its own. Thus, you can hear your friends voice even when the shared content is playing loudly.


Memories has received a significant makeover in the Photos app, with a new design, connection with Apple Music, interactive interface, and Memory looks.

Memories will recommend songs based on your Apple Music listening history. These memories sync with movies and photographs to provide a more personalised experience. Here, users get customised memories by swiping through Memory mixes. It lets you play various songs of your choice at a different pace and in a different atmosphere.

There are over 12 Memory looks that add to the vibe by analyzing each and every photo and video. Also, it will apply an appropriate amount of contrast to enhance the media look to make it look natural. Here, it’s possible to edit and view the whole content from memory in a bird’s-eye view using Watch Next section. Here, you’ll find some related memories you can watch.

Photo App Improved - iOS 15 Features
Individual recognition has improved, and it’s now easy to remedy naming errors in the People album. For example, to tell Photos that you’d like to see less of a given date, place, person across Featured Photos, etc. Thus, you can use the Feature Less option.

In iOS 15, Photos features a new info pane to have a look at details of a photo. You can look for the lens, shutter speed, camera, and file size. Moreover, you can now make changes to the date, location and learn more about the items detected by Visual Look Up.

Visual Look Up
In Visual Look Up, swipe up or tap the new information button on any photo to bring up a list of identified objects and scenes, allowing you to learn more about the image’s content.

Suppose you have a picture of some animal and tap on the Visual Look Up button. You’ll find every information related to that breed of that animal, their living, and every information related to it.


Live Text recognises text in a photo and allows users to take action using on-device intelligence. Users can, for example, look for and locate a photograph of a handwritten family recipe or take a phone number from a storefront and contact it. With the help of the Apple Neural Engine, the camera application can quickly recognize and copy text spontaneously, as in the Wi-Fi passwords displayed at the cafe.

Live Text - iOS 15 Features
Source: Apple
Using Visual Look Up, users can know more about anything existing in the photo.

Spotlight is now using Artificial Intelligence scan and search photos by people, location, handwriting, objects, and scenes using Live Text. Also, it can find writing and text in images.

Spotlight offers web image search and new rich results for TV shows, Movies, Musicians, Actors. Moreover, enhanced results for every contact will show the recent conversation, locations shared through FindMy, and shared photos.


Siri requests are processed on-device using the Neural Engine in iOS 15, which improves security and responsiveness while eliminating the need for an internet connection.

As you use your device, the on-device voice recognition and understanding improves. Here, Siri will learn about your contact and with whom you’re interacting the most, topics you read, songs you listen to, and new words you type.

Siri can now send a screenshot or share onscreen elements like images, web pages, content from Apple Music or Apple Podcasts, Apple News stories, Maps locations, and more in a Message. In addition, Siri can now send a message or make a call based on onscreen context.

Siri has improved its ability to keep context between requests, allowing you to refer to what you asked earlier in a conversation. You may also ask Siri to control a HomeKit device at a specified time or under specific conditions, such as when you leave the house.

For now on, Siri will be able to announce notifications, as in reminders, in Apple CarPlay, on AirPods, and you can even ask Siri about what’s on your phone’s screen.


iOS 15 came up with even more privacy controls to protect the information of users.

Siri queries’ audio is now processed exclusively on the iPhone by default, and performance is greatly improved with on-device voice recognition.

New Privacy Feature- iOS 15 Features
Source: Apple
Mail Privacy Protection prevents senders from discovering whether an email has been opened and hides IP addresses, preventing senders from learning a user’s location or using it to develop a profile on them.

Siri queries’ audio is now processed exclusively on the iPhone by default, and performance has improved dramatically. In addition, mail Privacy Protection prevents senders from knowing whether an email has been opened and hides IP addresses. It preventing senders from discovering a user’s location or using it to create a profile on them.


More graphical displays of meteorological data, full-screen maps, and dynamic layouts that alter dependent on conditions are all available in Weather. In addition, beautifully revamped animated backdrops more precisely depict the location of the sun and precipitation, and notifications indicate when rain or snow begins and ends.

User-created tags make it easier to organise notes fast, while mentions allow members of shared notes to communicate important updates to one another. In addition, a brand-new Activity view displays a shared note’s recent history.

iOS 15 is compatible with all iPhones compatible with iOS 13 and iOS 14, including older models such as the iPhone SE and iPhone 6s. The devices that are compatible with iOS 15 are mentioned below.

iPhone 12
iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12 Mini
iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 11
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max
iPhone XR
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus
iPhone SE (2016)
iPod touch (7th generation)
This is the list of devices in which iOS 15 is supported.

Release Date: It is said that Apple is set to release iOS 15 new features update in the season of fall i.e. between September and November.

So, this is the whole list of the best new features in iOS 15. Let us know if you liked it or not.

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