Don't use vanilla JavaScript! I am serious!

People often claim that frameworks are evil. It's a horrible statement.

Using vanilla you will find yourself doing things that frameworks have already done and tested for you.

If you think vanilla is better for simple projects, then you are missing the point of Frontend tools.

Any simple website is easy to build using a framework in a matter of minutes. Sure thing, you can do it with vanilla, but it will take x10+ longer.

Take static site generators. Not only do they address all SEO requirements, but they are also blazing fast out of the box. They have tons of integrations only to save you hours, if not days of work and countless bug fixes.

Easy and free deployment is a great bonus.

A good web developer knows the tools and uses them to be productive.

There is no way you can be productive reinventing the wheel.

The best devs to work with are pips who found the balance between delivering and enjoying coding.

Another crazy statement is to push beginners to learn fundamentals without any context. Will cover this problem in my next post.

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