Total.js FlowStream v1

We are pleased to announce a new project called Total.js FlowStream app. FlowStream algorithm is part of the Total.js framework, and the Total.js FlowStream app is an advanced GUI and mechanism for running and integrating multiple FlowStreams. The performance is incredible.

Minimal requirements:

  • Node.js v14
  • The latest version of the Total.js 4 framework $ npm install total4

Differences between Flow and FlowStream

Total.js Flow is a single-thread Node.js app that allows you to built only a one-level Flow design divided into multiple tabs. Total.js FlowStream uses a very similar technique, but each FlowStream can be executed in the worker thread (independent thread), and each FlowStream can run other FlowStreams inside as e.g. components. Each FlowStream contains its variables and (important) it's own components with their declarations.

Total.js FlowStream:

  • FlowStream instance is an independent sandbox instance running in the Worker-Thread (by default)
  • FlowStream can run other FlowStreams inside as the components
  • Each FlowStream contains its variables and components with their full declaration
  • Prepared for various customization and implementation
  • FlowStream meta-data can be saved/can be read from everywhere, e.g. from DB
  • FlowStream app is the integrator for Total.js Message Service (TMS)
  • FlowStream app supports real-time creating of FlowStream components (supports Code editor)
  • Excellent performance because workers can process thousands of messages in a short time

Total.js Flow:

  • Flow is a single-thread instance
  • Flow can't encapsulate another Flow
  • Flow can't run in the worker thread
  • Flow is end-product
  • Flow doesn't support Total.js Message Service (TMS)
  • Flow does not support the creation/modifying of Flow components in real-time

Try Total.js FlowStream today

You can try Total.js FlowStream in Total.js Cloud or download the repository, follow install instructions.