Fast and Easy Way to Upload Code to Github

In this quick tutorial we will look at how to get your existing project uploaded to Github, by using the Github interface and a few simple git commands.

Only 4 simple Git commands:

First set the remote origin, meaning the url outside of your computer where you want to upload.
This is done through this command where you need to change git-repository-url with your specific url:

  • git remote add origin git-repository-url

Then only 3 more commands and you're done:

  • git add . (adds everything to staging)
  • git commit -m "Git message" (Commits staged changes with message inside quotes)
  • git push --set-upstream origin master (points to the place you want to upload your code to and push it to remote origin on Github)

I still use this method of uploading my project, because it's so simple and fast. I don't really have to remember anything except for the fundamentals of Git.

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