LightDM Web Greeter 3.0.0 arrives

LightDM is a light display manager for Linux, which have lots of different greeters/themes to choose. The previously known lightdm-webkit2-greeter, a greeter that allows themeing with web technologies like HTML and JavaScript, has been abandoned since 2017-2018, before transitioning to web-greeter 3.0.0.

So, I decided to fork it and continue the Antergos team work, and finally it is here, web-greeter 3.0.0, a greeter that uses PyQtWebEngine to show gorgeous themes created with simple or very complex web technologies.


See the Glorious theme by Manilarome~ It’s glorious.
Glorious theme gif

Also, web-greeter 3.0.0 comes with two great themes, Gruvbox theme and Dracula theme
Gruvbox theme

See the live demo

New features!

  • Gruvbox theme can show the battery and brightness status, two new optional, but great, features!

  • As this release uses PyQtWebEngine, which relies in Chrome 83, themes have support for ES2020.

  • Also, users can specify the cursor theme for web-greeter in the config file, inside /etc/lightdm/web-greeter.yml


There are lots of changes since the latest Antergos release. See the 3.0.0 release for further info.

  • Migrated from C to Python. Webkit2Gtk replaced with PyQtWebEngine
  • Name changed to web-greeter
  • Updated API usage for LightDM 1.26.0
  • lightdm-webkit2-greeter.conf renamed to web-greeter.yml
  • Themes are now installed inside /usr/share/web-greeter/themes

If you are using LightDM, I recommend you to use this greeter, try some themes and create your own!