Flask Framework Tutorials and Courses

Flask is a microframework written in Python and used widely for web development. You can find below the best Flask tutorials, courses, and certifications available online.

Given below you will find the best 10 Flask Tutorials and Courses, we have made good effort to list down only the best of the best here. This includes paid courses from Udemy, Pluralsight as well as free tutorials available on Youtube and other online resources.

Let us look at the best 10 out there, full and continuously updated list can be found here: Running List of Flask Tutorials and Courses

REST APIs with Flask and Python

Python Flask course starts off with Python refresher classes that include setup of development environment and basics of programming. This course will teach you to create production-grade REST APIs using Python, Flask framework, and popular extensions like Flask SQLALchemy, Flask-RESTful, and Flask-JWT. You will also get to work with other related technologies including nginx, Heroku, and Git that are used for code management and deployment of REST APIs. Visit

The Build a SAAS App with Flask Course

Flask is easy to work with, minimalist, and a lightning-fast Python framework used for web applications development. In this course, Nick teaches you exactly how to get the best out of Flask and Python instead of just going through the syntax and usage. You will learn to work with a Stripe payment gateway to accept payments and Docker to containerize the web applications. You will learn Flask use to create large-scale web applications like Pinterest APIs that serve billions of requests per day via Flask.

The Flask Mega-Tutorial Part I: Hello, World!

This is a highly rated tutorial created by the very loved Miguel Grinberg. This tutorial is comparatively small and is covered in just over 5 hours of video. In this Flask tutorial, you will learn to create a fully functional social blogging platform using the Python flask framework. The code files used in the tutorial are available at GitHub for download, so you can get a fully functional Flask project to play around with. We can easily tag it as the best Flask tutorial for beginners, and that too free of cost.Visit

Flask Learning Path on Pluralsight

Building Web Applications with Flask learning path on Pluralsight consists of six individual courses to help you master web applications development. You will learn from scratch by doing the initial setup of the environment, working with forms, sessions, authentication, authorization, routing as well as deployment. You will also learn best practices to structure large-scale applications and tips on how to manage the evolving applications.

The courses in this learning path are all very recently updated, so you get to learn the latest and greatest in the Flask ecosystem.

Python and Flask Bootcamp: Create Websites using Flask!

Jose Portilla is a respected instructor and has created many bestselling courses on Python and Flask. In this course, Jose teaches you to create websites from scratch to production deployment using Python, Flask Framework, and other related technologies. You will learn Flask by creating basic landing pages, WTForms to accept user inputs, learn to use SQLAlchem, using the blueprint for large applications, OAuth, and finally integrate your REST APIs with Stripe to accept payments.

Learn the Flask Python Framework by Building an Ecommerce Platform

This is a comprehensive Flask video course available for free on FreeCodeCamp. In this course, you will learn to create a fully functional eCommerce web application by using Python, and Flask framework. You will learn flask development lifecycle end to end starting from styling and templates, synching data with templates, templates inheritance, working with models & databases, structuring project for scale, working with forms in Flask, form validations, user authentication, purchasing of items from the catalog, and listing items for selling.

Given that it is a fully functional eCommerce platform built from the ground up, you will learn professional-grade coding and best practices of both Flask as well as web application development in general. While there are other good courses on Udemy, but this one is free and does not lack any detail, so worth a try.
Learn Flask Python Framework by Building eCommerce Platform

Flask Web Development: Developing Web Applications with Python

Building web applications with Flask is an absolute Breeze. In this book, author Miguel helps you take full control of your web application development in the Python Flask framework. You build the web applications as well as learn advanced techniques including data migration, APIs development, and deployment. The book is divided into three main sections –

Introduction to Flask – Understand the framework capabilities and features.
Flasky Application – build an open-source blogging application that uses CRUD with templates, pagination, rich text, and more.
Finishing Touches – Fine-tune and improve the application by applying unit testing strategies, performance optimization, and finally the deployment.
If books are your way to learn anything, this is the best Flask book you can get out there in the market. We recommend this to all beginners who intend to learn Flask at their own pace.

Corey Schafer’s free Flask Tutorial Series on YouTube

This free Flask tutorial series from Corey Schafer on YouTube is quite good and includes around 10 hours of video content divided into 15 parts. Corey starts from the very basics of Flask and provides instructions to install flask, other necessary packages and even putting together a Hello world application. Post the basics, Corey gets into building a full-featured web app that interacts with the database, including user authentication, CRUD operations, deployment, and securing the application using SSL/TLS certificates.

Django vs Flask has been a debate for some, so for anyone interested in that Django also, Corey provides a tutorial to build the same application in Django as well.

Python REST APIs with Flask, Docker, MongoDB, and AWS DevOps

Flask is one of the best microframeworks available out there in the market to design and implement scalable RESTful APIs with very little effort. In this course, you learn to design RESTful APIs, work with NoSQL databases,s and working Docker to dockerize your apps. You will also use TensorFlow machine learning API to build image recognition capabilities in your application. API deployment and maintenance can be a pain when the scale and size of the project increases, you will learn about that also in this course with DevOps and deployment workflow on Amazon EC2.

Flask: Develop Web Applications in Python

This can be easily tagged as the best Flask Course in text format. You can read online or download a pdf copy to learn at your own pace. The course starts off with a brief introduction of Flask and then moves on to details of how companies like Netflix, Lyft, Uber, Reddit, and Airbnb are using Flask in their applications that serve billions of API calls. You get a live coding environment in the browser itself, so you do not have to set up anything on your machine, the course also offers built-in assessments to evaluate the skill level.

All in all, this course brings in 69 lessons, 10 Quizzes, 46 illustrations, and 68 playground exercises

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Flask ecosystem is growing and it is becoming a framework of choice over the last few years. Flask has even started to give tough competition to the likes of Django, though there are major differences but you can choose either to kick start your web development project.

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