Simple Multi-Vendor Website with Django [Download]

This is a simple MultiVendor e-commerce website built with Django (Python) and Stripe is added as payment processor.

In this website, Vendors (Stores) can register and add their products.

And Users can visit the product and order by paying with Debit/Credit Card (Stripe is Used).

Then Vendor gets the email notification about the order and should deliver the product to the customer based on the address details.

Features of this Project

A. Admin Users Can

  1. Manage Category (Add, Update, Filter and Delete)
  2. Manage Products (Add, Update, Filter and Delete)
  3. Manage Users (Update, Filter and Delete)
  4. Manage Orders (View and Process)

B. Vendors Can

  1. Add Products
  2. Update Profile
  3. Gets Notification When an Order is made by Users
  4. Get Orders and Manage Them

C. Users Can Can

  1. Add to Cart
  2. Pay with Debit/Credit Card and Order
  3. While Checkout, User should give the address to deliver
  4. Get Email Notification about the confirmation of the order


Donate by wire transfer: E-Mail at [email protected] for wire transfer details.

How to Install and Run this project?


  1. Install Git Version Control
    [ ]

  2. Install Python Latest Version
    [ ]

  3. Install Pip (Package Manager)
    [ ]

Alternative to Pip is Homebrew


1. Create a Folder where you want to save the project

2. Create a Virtual Environment and Activate

Install Virtual Environment First

$  pip install virtualenv

Create Virtual Environment

For Windows

$  python -m venv venv

For Mac

$  python3 -m venv venv

Activate Virtual Environment

For Windows

$  source venv/scripts/activate

For Mac

$  source venv/bin/activate

3. Clone this project

$  git clone

Then, Enter the project

$  cd simple-multivendor-site

4. Install Requirements from 'requirements.txt'

$  pip install -r requirements.txt

5. Add the hosts

  • Got to file
  • Then, On allowed hosts, Add [‘*’].

No need to change on Mac.

6. Now Run Server

Command for PC:

$ python runserver

Command for Mac:

$ python3 runserver

7. Login Credentials

Create Super User (Admin)

Command for PC:

$  python createsuperuser

Command for MAC:

$  python3 createsuperuser

Then Add Email, Username and Password

For Sponsor or Projects Enquiry

  1. Email - [email protected]
  2. LinkedIn - vijaythapa

Download from Here

GitHub logo vijaythapa333 / simple-multivendor-site

Simple Multi Vendor E-Commerce Website using Python Django.

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