Top Programming Languages


If you are interested in learning C++, remember that it's a very complex language to learn in beginning. If you are aiming at taking on big projects where you wish to have a lot of control of how the things work, C++ is a good choice. If you know C then C++ is bit simple for you but not C isn't mandatory. Once you master C++, learning other programming language is much easier.

C/C++ is also good for placements.


If you aren't sure that what you do with coding then java is good choice because of its versatility. Java is a great asset to have when you start applying for your first job as a developer. Java is most the useful/preferred programming language for android mobile development. Java is quite difficult for beginners but this will be simple with time.

Java is also a good choice for placements.


If you want to become a front-end developer, you have to learn javascript at some point. A full-scalable website can't build without JavaScript. JS is the "hottest" & best language for web development at this moment. No trouble to finding a job once you master in JavaScript. Use JS with HTML - CSS & you got a complete portfolio of skills to get your first front-end developer job!

JS is less preferred for placements.


If you want to see results quickly and build meaningful from the beginning, python is a great choice. Python lets you create so many different projects from data mining to game development that you can start learning it & see what you like the most as you progress. Python is a slow language & can't be use competitive programming.

Python is also less preferred for placements.


If you want to create the apps for the App Store, objective-C is a necessary skill you need to learn. When you start learning Objective-C, be prepared to learn Swift too. The combination of these two languages will give you great skill set for iOS development for a long time!

Objective-C has not good scope for placements.


Since PHP is easy to get started with, it's a great choice for a beginner programmer. Additionally PHP is the most useful programming language for Wordpress Development. If you're planning to become a freelance web-developer; PHP is safe choice : Wordpress & other Content Management Systems (CMS) often use PHP.

PHP also has not good scope for placements.

This is a distinct point of view; most firms follow this, but it may be different in your instance.

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