Mockend - The super cool mock API generator

Some time ago, I built FakeAPI, a structured fake data generator. I called it a fakeAPI generator for a while (as it had an API to generate fake data).

Even though the service generated fake data, it had some limitations.

  • All requests must be a POST request
  • All requests must have a JSON payload in the request body

That's no way to design/build a fake API generator. So I started upgrading FakeAPI, and finally, Mockend was born.

Go ahead and try it out 👇



  • Create apps to manage endpoints
  • Create multiple endpoints per app
  • Create endpoints that resemble your original API. Thus, switching between dev and prod will be as easy as changing the BASE_URL
  • api-key authorization via X-API-KEY header. It is disabled by default.
  • Custom response model. Choose from 97 supported data types, and some of them offer customization.
  • Support for dynamic endpoints(/api/{id})
  • JSON editor available to create schema
  • Swagger UI for each application to test out your endpoints right from the browser
  • Create bulk endpoints using app schema(a file that describes all the endpoints of an app).
  • Public templates to share your app(only swagger UI is accessible)

Feedback is appreciated 🙏🏻