Angular vs Vue

There is no denying the fact that the demand for Vue is more than that of Angular. However, it does not imply that Vue happens to be the best one out there. Various other frameworks likewise are responsible for the success of a particular web development project. Here, we have mentioned a comprehensive comparison between Angular and Vue.

1. Learning curve

It is important to know about TypeScript and MVC in case you like to develop an Angular application. Nevertheless, the same is not applicable when it comes to Vue, which offers better-inbuilt templates and customization features. This helps to make it quite simple as compared to most of the other frameworks on the market. The amalgamation of Angular and React has resulted in the creation of Vue. Consequently, it is possible to bring React or Angular-based mobility solutions very easily on the Vue platform.

2. Lightweight

In case you make a comparison between Angular and Vue, there is no doubt about the fact that Vue happens to be the more compact-sized and simple framework out there. It will not need plenty of space, and the codes are quite small as well. The third-party solutions are responsible for providing most of its functionality at present.

3. Community support

The community support of Vue is undoubtedly amazing given that it helps experienced as well as beginner developers to develop in their particular department. The community helps to bring plenty of value through experienced programmers at present.

On the other hand, the community of Angular is quite large as well. The developers can participate in the Angular community, where they will come to know about the different tips and tricks for developing websites and apps.

4. Scalability

Angular happens to be a comprehensive framework that is capable of creating enterprise-level apps while enjoying the support of Google plus other well-known corporations. Its scalability is quite powerful thanks to the robust feature designs and command-line interface.

On the contrary, being a lightweight framework, Vue is appropriate for creating small-scale apps. It is somewhat surprising that Vue will be able to provide only a limited amount of scalability. For this, a Vue app has to be broken down into a number of repositories for separating the app for convenient scaling according to the requirement.

5. Performance

Performance plays an important role while developing a web application, and this can be accomplished using DOM only. It is essential to know that this element will be able to manipulate the entire web page's performance. In this case, Vue is the better of the two, even though both Vue, as well as Angular, make use of virtual DOM features. The altered elements will be rendered once again once the virtual DOM is updated. Consequently, it will help to speed up the performance of the app significantly.

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