The History Behind SayHeyToMe

So,A time back i made this website SayHeyToMe which easily allows users to create their portfolios,

You can visit the live web here, It has nothing except for showing user info and users social media. I have a planned feature list, Please check and add to the discussion

  1. Follow System
  2. Blogs Like n as well
  3. Sponsor Button,Redirecting users to web sites like patreon,kofi
  4. Sponsorships, Users will connect their stripe accs and anybody can pay them.

Development Story

  • So, it was in the late 2020's I was actually out of ideas, I usually update my portfolio which was made in react adding blogs, my skills and etc, Then I suddenly realised that it's kinda easy for developers to make portfolios but it would damn difficult for normal people, creators. They might need to pay someone for just a simple portfolio website, Then came the idea for this project.


  • Well, The first difficulty was basically the Database and hosting, I didn't knew what's gonna happen in the future. So I had my AWS Plan, I didn't know anything about aws. I learnt from the documentation and came to the conclusion of using MongoDB, Because it was good at everything. But their arises another problem of ssl with EC2 because i was new to EC2 i learnt about elastic ips and after that i finally was able to setup everything for the backend.


  • When I was actually building the frontend, Several ideas came to my mind of adding Connections you know like discord, A lot of ideas came to my mind and then at once they all vanished,

Today SayHeyToMe is having only 9 users, But i still dont care about because i do all my projects only for learning and to be honest i learnt the whole aws,mongodb,golang for just this project.