Wrap up my web development story in 2021.

That evening is the worst day of my life as a WordPress Developer.

I've been appointed to develop one website, which for me is very dynamic. It's not a normal website. It is like combination of CMS, E-Commerce, CRM, and more. It's not my level. I know that I can't do it perfectly like what the client wants.

Long story short, yes. I can't deliver that project as the client wanted. I'm very disappointed in myself. Very.

PS: ** Maybe some of you already thinking "why you do when you already think you can't do?"

Trust me. I did do everything to say I can't do it. But there's something that I don't want to mention. Because I want to focus on the other side. **

At that time I was very lost. This is the very first WordPress project that I can't deliver in a good shape. Throughout my experience as WordPress Developer. This is the first time.

Three (3) days I'm depressed. I have no confidence in myself. I want to quit from Web Development field.

But somewhere in my mind says I can't quit. This is something that I loved to do. Coding. Solve people problems through my coding. I need to take what failed as a stepping stone to go further.

At that time I realize that I don't want to make 2021 worst like my 2020.

So I decided to change my life.

Starting Point

1 January 2021 is the starting point. I remember that morning, around 9 AM, I'm calling my mom. Asking her permission, her blessing for me not to quit what I've planned.

What I've planned is to be a good Developer. I want to master WordPress development and Laravel Development.

But first, I need to start with something. After a few hours making mindmap, I finally decided to start at where should I start.

Where do I start? Of course from the very beginning. Even though I already know about PHP, I start to learn it from basic. Yes. From Zero.

So that I can refresh what I've forgotten in PHP.

Since WordPress and Laravel are built from PHP, so PHP is the place to start.

Not only PHP but also PHP OOP, PDO, MVC, API, MySQL, Bootstrap, JavaScript, WordPress Development and Laravel.

The Commitment

I give 100% of my commitment to learning all of these. Every day I pushed myself to learn at least 5 hours after working hours. Usually, I start at 9 PM. My working hours end at 6 PM. Monday to Sunday. No rest until I've finished what I started.

For your information, I've implemented the 100 days of code method. Which is I need to code for 100 days. No rest. Even though people code like for 30 minutes for 1 day. But me 5 Hours!

I'm very serious to change my life.

After I finished the 100 days of code, I've continue the journey. This time is JavaScript. Learn from zero even though there is something that I already know.

Learn until I understand how to work with JavaScript Frameworks such as VueJS or InertiaJS or Alpine. Before this, I just learn JavaScript with minimal knowledge and use jQuery for the rest.

I love Alpine Js by the way. It's easy to understand and easy to implement at the small scale projects.

The Result

For the result of my 200 days of code, I've created 3 WordPress plugins, 2 WordPress themes that are very dynamic and customizable to be used for my next client.

Also, I develop a few medium-level Laravel projects.

The Truth

Is it hard for all of these?

Yes. It is very hard. Especially to discipline ourselves to commit to what we have planned.

Think back, 200 days is not something easy to achieve. I was very struggling to commit even 1 hour to learn in my first 10 days.

I almost quit because of exhausted from working in the morning, then need to learn at night.

But I always said that I won't be the man that I've used to be in 2020. So that's is my tonic to keep alive at night.

To be honest, the hardest time is when you just want to start. You just need to start somewhere. Up until now, I still continue to learn. Tomorrow, until the last breath. I will learn something new related to web development.

To be honest, I am proud of myself for all of these achievements for this year.

Right now, most of the functions requested by the client, I can do it. Yes, there will be a little struggle. But I can manage it. Not like back in 2020.


Every job has its own challenges. For web development, if you have a blockage, the best way to solve it is to take your time to learn or think back on the basics that you know.

Think about the algorithm, the logic. If you have blockage using some technologies, try to read the documentation. That's work for me. Every single time.

Thank you for your time.

PS: 2022, Focus on Laravel Development.

Example of my learning schedule