Cryptocurrency Exchange Script | White Label Bitcoin Exchange Script

We Appticz, develop best in class Cryptocurrency Exchange Script & Bitcoin Exchange Script with trade pulling attributes like the reduced transaction fee, increased rates of returns and high liquidity providing. The Cryptocurrency Trading Script is an inevitable component that should be possessed by any potential investor looking to Exchange his Crypto assets.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Cryptocurrency Exchange script is a readymade crypto exchange platform for trading or exchange of cryptocurrencies with the other altcoins or recognized fiat currencies that are available for transactions to take place. In other words, a Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is a set of multi-tested executable codes developed and designed to launch a specialized platform to carry out the Cryptocurrency trading processes.

Bitcoin Exchange Script

Bitcoin Exchange Script is an exclusive exchange platform to carry out the exchange and trading of Bitcoins over a dedicated distributive ledger in a safe and secure mode.

Why go For Cryptocurrency Exchange Script?

  • Large traffic pulling attribute
  • Leveraged trading features
  • Instant platform launch
  • Fueled up feasibility with fiat currency
  • Multi-tested and secured

Factors that determine the Performance of Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

  1. Market cap
  2. Trade volume
  3. Web traffic factor
  4. Average liquidity
  5. Market availability

These factors largely contribute to the long run of any Cryptocurrency Exchange, based on these factors users can very well arrive at the best performing Cryptocurrency Exchange in the market.

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Types of Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

There are a number of Cryptocurrency Exchanges available for the optimal use of the investors. The users can choose from the available Crypto Exchange Scripts based on his specifications. The available Exchanges include,

  • P2P Crypto Exchange Script
  • Decentralized Exchange Script
  • Hybrid Crypto Exchange Script

P2P Crypto Exchange Script

P2P Crypto Exchange Script is a readymade Crypto Exchange Script that operates based on a peer-to-peer trading mechanism. The assets are directly transacted between the buyer and seller without the involvement of admin.

Decentralized Exchange Script

The Decentralized Exchange Script is an entirely decentralized crypto trading platform which is entirely similar to that of P2P Exchange in its operation. The key distinguishing factors include the smart Contract operated security and atomic swapping.

Hybrid Crypto Exchange Script

Hybrid Crypto Exchange Script is a custom Crypto Exchange Script performing the core functionalities of both the Centralized as well as the P2P (or) Decentralized Exchanges. These types of Exchanges can be of extreme use to the participants seeking the use of both Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges, since they interoperate with features of both the Exchanges.

Bitcoin Escrow Script

Bitcoin Escrow Script is an Escrow powered Bitcoin Exchange Script delivering the features promoting dynamicity of the Script to be executed over a dedicated framework. Escrow is a monitoring body that provides for the security of transactions carried out and validates the upcoming process taking place within any platform.

Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

  • Leveraging liquidity
  • Wallets with Multi-Sig attribute
  • Numerous trading modes like Marginal trading
  • Multi-currency feasibility
  • Multi-Lingual mode of access

Security Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

  • Escrow enabled monitoring
  • Smart Contract powered Security
  • DDOS rejection
  • Two factor authentication
  • Dual side forgery prevention

Addons of Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

  • Automated Algorithm based Matching engine
  • Complete track of transaction history
  • Multiple API integrability
  • Ardent admin panel
  • Rapid notification through pop-up

Why Should You Choose Crypto Exchange Script from Appticz?

We Appticz the leading Software Development Company have thorough knowledge on core concepts of blockchain and offer an optimized set of solutions to participants seeking solutions to various crypto and blockchain related queries. Our ardent analysts on thorough monitoring of the Crypto market, have developed this Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency Exchange Script to deliver the endless benefits like the super secured, lightning speed asset transfer, robust trade engine and hassle-free core wallet set-up.

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