CINERANT - A movie rant WebSite Project.

As i keep learning the basics of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, i had an ideia of creating a 'movie rant' site alike, and this is how it's going so far.

First of all, let me introduce myself. I'm Rodrigo, a Computer Engineering Student from Brazil and i'm pretty much just starting to code, been learning Html/css/JavaScript to find interships as a Front-End, so i've developed little projects (as this one) to learn and also see how far i can go on practice, as some people say:

The more you practice, the better you get.

This will be my diary on how the CINERANT is going. Feel free to comment and share you ideas. On the next post i'll put the GitHub link of the project so anyone can see all the code. Thank you for reading!

My initial plan is to make a concept of how the website should look, getting a first insight if the concept can eventually come true. So, after scrapping some ideas on Photoshop, this was the very first design i made for the 'index':
The first Concept idea, with a lot of blank space as you can see.

But still, i didn't know what to do with the lower part of the index page. And after many thoughts, i found that the most suitable to do was a News Bar, and also some other changes:

  • New Header

  • Login/Sign Up space (will code this on PhP)

But it still didn't look good enough, because there was too many things on the page, the page looks like a big mess. Then i´ve changed its size (instead of the original LxH (Large per Height) 1920x1080 to 1920x3240).

This increase in height can help me to put more content and also have more space inbetween those, but also it can turn out as a problem when the coding process begin, eventually will get a solution (hopefully).

After countless hours, i finally had a full concept of the News Bar. Now completly divided in to 3 types of news

  • Big News/ Headliners (First Row)

  • Secondary News (Second Row)

  • Small News (Third Row)

At this point of today, this is all i've done. On the next Post i will share the last part of the index page still empty and the beggining of the Code process, also sharing the GitHub page for anyone interested.

Thank you for reading!

Rodrigo Carvalho.