Post-Harvest Cooling Methods

The people of the world rely upon agriculture to offer nutritious, delicious and life-sustaining produce. A lot of people from the beginning understand the importance of growing fresh vegetables and fruits. Many people also don’t understand the importance of proper Post Harvest vacuum cooling, transport and storage.

Even if the produce is locally produced, it can rapidly decay and lose quality if it is not stored and cooled after harvest. Good storage is not only about simply keeping the produce in a cooler or refrigerated truck while shipping them. They are an essential and effective factor that a post harvest vacuum cooling needs, but it also requires careful judgment and selection of the ebay methods for the type of foods.

Listing down a few of the most common Post harvest vacuum cooling methods:

Room Cooling

When we talk about industrial produce cooling, people often relate it with the room cooling method, as it is one of the most renowned and popular cooling methods. In this method, produce to be cooled is placed in a refrigerated room like a cooler and allows it to cool. But, the modern days coolers are designed carefully to regulate the temperature, humidity, airflow and a host of other environmental factors. All of this helps the produce to have a better and maximum shelf life. This method is commonly used for crops like potatoes, citrus crops and onions.

Forced-Air Cooling

Forced-air cooling is considered an expanded form of room cooling method. As with room cooling methods, the produce is kept in a refrigerated cooler or room, whereas, with forced-air cooling, one or more cooling fans designed to circulate air force the cool air throughout the produce. This is considered much more effective than a room cooling method because it requires low temperatures after the harvest. This method is commonly used for produce like berries, bell peppers, tomatoes and more.


The hydrocooling method is a pre-cooling method that requires submerging the product rapidly in near-freezing water. It is known as a pre-cooling method because it aims to lower the produce to its final cooling temperature, remove the field heat, and then prepare these produce for additional cooling methods such as room cooling or forced-air cooling. Hydrocooling is effective and used for products like berries, cauliflowers, broccoli, corn and so on.

Packing Ice

In the packing ice method, the ice is applied directly to the produce. Buy this method, and you can effectively remove the field heat and provide them with short-term cooling for easy transport and temporary display. The Melting ice hydrates the produce and is considered beneficial.
The packing ice method is often used for products like green onions, spinach, Brussel sprouts and others.

Vacuum Cooling

In the vacuum cooling method, low pressure is utilised to cool the produce via the evaporative method. As the pressure is lowered, the water starts evaporating, thereby cooling the produce as a result. It is considered one of the most uniform and rapid methods of cooling. This method is suitable for products like leafy greens; avoid using it for produce that has a water barrier.

Hydrovac Cooling

Hydrovac cooling is an amalgamation of vacuum and hydrocooling. When the water starts to evaporate from the produce, additional cold water is added to it. This helps in eliminating the dehydration and loss of water in the crop.Therefore, this method is considered one of the most expensive cooling methods and requires a proper setup.


If you want your product to have quality, freshness, taste, and shelf life, it is imperative to select the best cooling method for the products accordingly. The shelf life and the quality retention differ from product to product, but incorporating the most effective post-harvest cooling method is often considered beneficial. Cold Craft is the perfect place if you are looking for a vacuum cooling machine and system to keep your produce fresh and for cool storage of your products. Cold craft holds an experience of over 30 years, and with the rapid development of technology, they are doing wonders.

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