Excel Formulas to Add a Line Break ~ A Complete Tutorial!!

It’s easy to add a line break when you’re typing in an Excel worksheet. Just click where you want the line break, and press Alt + Enter. But how can you add line break in Excel using the formula? Today I introduce you to some formulas to solve this problem. Let’s get them below!! Get an official version of ** MS Excel** from the following link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/microsoft-365/excel

Generic Formula:

  • You can use the below formula to add a line break in a cell.


Syntax Explanations:

  • CHAR – In Excel, the CHAR Function refers to the letters used in a word or a text string.
  • Text – It represents the input text values.
  • Parenthesis () – The main purpose of this symbol is to group the elements.


Refer to the below example image.

  • First, we will enter the input values in Column B , Column C , and Column D.
  • Now we have to join these text values with a line break.
  • Select any cell and type the above-given formula.
  • Finally, press ENTER to get the result out, if you need, drag the fill handle over range to apply the formula.


Here, we have described how to add a line break with a formula in Excel. Hope you like this article. Please feel free to state your query or feedback for the above article.

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