Flutter & Dart Tips - Week In Review #4

Hello Reader,

This is the 4th post in the "Week In Review" series, where I share the Flutter\Dart tips I tweeted last week.

1- You can use the Timer class to execute a piece of code after some time

        Duration(seconds: 1),
        (Timer time) {
                print("time: ${time.tick}");
                if (time.tick == 10) {
                    print('Timer Cancelled');

2- Use the ClipOval widget to clip the child widget in oval or circle shape. If width and height are equal, the shape will be circular. If the width and height are different, then the shape will be oval.

        child: Image.network(
            fit: BoxFit.fill,
            width: 200.0,
            height: 200.0,

3- Use padLeft and padRight to add character padding on the left and right side, respectively.

String s = "fun";
  print(s.padLeft(10, ',.*')); // ',.*,.*,.*,.*fun'
  print(s.padRight(10, ',.*')); // 'fun,.*,.*,.*,.*'

4- Use the List class method join() can to join a List of any type to a String.

List<String> values = ['dart', 'flutter', 'fun'];
    print(values.join()); //  dart,flutter,fun

5- Set debugShowCheckedModeBanner to false to remove the Debug Banner Tag

        debugShowCheckedModeBanner: false,
        // other arguments

6- To get access to the index on an Item in a list, you need to convert the list to a map using the asMap

myList.asMap().entries.map((entry) {
        int idx = entry.key; // index
        String val = entry.value;
        return something;

See you next week. 👋🏻

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