How to Debug Key Mappings in Vim

Sometimes my mapping not working since overridden by plug-in or I forget a mapping and want to select from all my mappings list.

All List

If you want to get all your key mappings run:

:map <key>

Specific Key

If you only want to know specific key(s) run:

:map <key>

Like examples below:

:map <leader>f
:map H
:map <F8>

Verbose Mode - Show Overridden

If you can't use your mapping and want to know what overrides it just run with

:verbose map <key>

This will show all configs that uses given mapping in a list and last

Also it is possible to use :map with visual, normal, insert etc. as

:vmap rn
:nmap rn
:imap rn

All done!