Github copilot - thoughts after actually trying it

After waiting some time, today I was invited to try out Github copilots' visual studio code extension.

After using it some time, I personally feel that it is a next step in the coding .

Simple commands are suggested right away

There are some very practical suggestions as well (they are trivial , but I google them all the time still)

Sometimes it suggests ridiculous solutions ridc

But by clicking control+enter we can check several other possible solutions and choose most efficient one

It can actually generate function body from comments (usually it was other way around)

One other thing I noticed is that, sometimes, when it comes to libraries, it suggests code from old versions.

For example, in the image bellow it tries to draw scatterplot using d3 v3 (v4 was released in Jun 2016 ) and latest version is d3 v7

Aside from the issues mentioned above, I personally think that this is a next step in the AI assisted programming and can't wait to see how it will progress.

If you are eager to try it out, but you are still in waitlist , just comment your uncompleted code piece bellow and I will try respond with copilot suggested snippets.

Thanks for reading :)