Best Random Name Picker Tool 2021

Random name picker tool is used to select a random name from a long list. It is an amazing tool to select an accurate result from the number of names present on the list.

If you are making a contest with thousands of names. It is hard to find a particular name of the winner in a long list.

So you can choose the random name generator picker for selecting the name or a winner.

Best Free Random Name Picker Tools

These tools are mainly designed for educational sectors. It is commonly used in the classroom to spin up the name to choose the student to complete the tasks.

Such random name selector tools are an amazing method for many sectors to make decisions randomly. Read on to know some of the best name picker tools that you can start using today.


Online Wheel Spinner is very easy to use and more flexible name picker wheel tool.


Generate random numbers, letters, colors and names
Pick the random name from your own lists and split them into groups or shuffle them
You can export a backup file of all your lists and avoid to having re-entered on your list when getting a new device
You can able to create a secure password for your online accounts
It is the free tool in online so it can easy to use

2. Random Picker

This tool can randomly pick your names from the predefined lists which you can set up on your device. It can also be used for a party starter and random word picker.


  1. Create multiple lists and items
  2. Select your favorite color for your name
  3. Several predefined lists
  4. Simple intuitive interface using material design principles

3. Decision Maker

It is one of the best random name picker tools on the website. In this tool, you can choose as many templates as you need.

With decision maker you are able to create an unlimited custom wheel to make the best decision with spinning a wheel.

This free name picker allows you to make the best decision in a fun way.


  1. You can able to create your own wheel with a color-changing option
  2. You can choose the font size and access the wheel statistics
  3. Choose between multiple skins to change the style of the wheel
  4. You can select and add the number of names that you want without limits

4. Names in a Hat

Names in a hat Name picker is an amazing tool for teachers to randomly select their students to make an activity in the class.

Names in a hat are the free tools that are available online. It is used to pick the name of the winner from the lot number of lists.


  1. Save multiple lists of names and lists
  2. Swipe to see the winner name
  3. Shuffle the names in the random order
  4. You can divide the names into different teams

5. Random Name Picker

It is a customized random name generator picker tool for selecting a particular name from the long lists of participants. If you want to enjoy your party gaming’s.

Amazing wheels would be the best choice for selecting the required names for the game.


  1. Customize the wheel as you want
  2. Create many choices as you can
  3. Edit the names in the wheel easily
  4. Load the last used wheel when you start amazing wheels

6. Roulette Wheel of Luck

Challenging a friend, it is a hard time to make a decision. The roulette tool will help you to make an easy, simple and fun way to choose your best decision.

This random name selector has some basic options to customize your roulette such as you have the ability to change the font in all roulette screens and change the results backgrounds.

Roulette Wheel of Luck will help you to gain more interesting and funny experience to the results.


  1. You can choose to keep the order in the list or shuffle the names in the wheel
  2. Easy to add, edit and delete the name options for the list
  3. You can choose to remove the winner after the wheel spin or keep it in this tool
  4. You can able to translate the name with more than 1 language such as English, French, Arabic, Spanish etc

7. Decide Now Random Word Picker

Deciding now is the best to randomly pick your next step in the funny situations and give you an entertaining idea on different occasions. Decide now would be a fantastic version in online with paying any amount to play this tool.


  1. You can own the unlimited number of wheels
  2. Choose many Pre-defined wheel templates
  3. Unlimited number of labels that you can put on a wheel
  4. Exciting color schemes
  5. You can share your results with your friends
  6. Enable the labels too temporarily and can eliminate some choices

8. Random Name Picker Pro

Random name picker pro is the best tool for making your look in the best. It makes your decision for the simplest and easiest way to the game. It is a free tool that will be available on online websites.

It is one of the easiest tools for picking the winners’ names and easy to use.


  1. Manually you can add some names in seconds to spin the wheel
  2. You can create a multiple lists of the name in a second as lots of you requested for it
  3. You can also make a winner page easily that help to track all the winners who win in the raffle

9. Random Dice Name Picker

Random Dice Name Picker It is specially designed to pick the name for rolling the dice. Generally, this random word picker is used to create a list and select the names randomly among the other elements within the lists.


  1. Add the number of elements to the lists
  2. The person photo can be added for each member list
  3. The winning series can be prevented in the random selection in the method of drawing

10. Pick Your Winners

Pick your winners random name generator will allow you to generate your own random names in the list then generate a random selection from the list provided.

You can save and reload the list from the last date of using.

In this tool, you are able to share the winning details with your friends across social media or a text.


  1. Ideal for picking lottery or raffle name lists
  2. Simple and easy to use
  3. Save your list for future use
  4. Quickly create and generate the random selection for the winner list
  5. Customize the wheel style with your own needs

The above-mentioned information is top in the wheel of the spinning tools. It will help you to have a more fun and happy experience with your friends and colleagues.

If you are ready to choose the best random name selector tool for picking the name from the long list, make use of it and keep enjoying it!