AI & Drupal. How Smart Algorithms Could Impact Businesses?

How Smart Algorithms AI & Drupal Could Impact Businesses?

Drupal and AI (Artificial Intelligence). What influence may intelligent algorithms have on businesses? Drupal is primarily designed to organize and show the material most logically and effectively possible. And to build fluid omnichannel digital experiences.

You may transform your Drupal-based company website into a proactive tool that is capable of interacting with potential consumers. AI can perform more activities such as recognizing trends in their behavior and using the data for targeted marketing and eventual revenue development.

What 3rd-party AI solutions and software libraries do Drupal developers have in their toolkit today. Which ones would bring the most value to your organization?

The Best Artificial Intelligence Tools for a Drupal-based Business Website
Drupal creates well-structured data. That's why it works well with Artificial Intelligence systems that use data to make choices without the need for human intervention.

Companies may now leverage open-source modules and libraries accessible to the Drupal community to enhance their company websites rather than creating custom AI solutions.

Because Drupal’s security advisory policy doesn’t protect some of the modules listed below, your development team may need to spend more time checking the open-source software for publicly reported flaws.

Visual Content Management Tools Powered by the Image Recognition Technology
Intelligent image recognition technologies may do multi-criteria analysis, organize photos submitted by users into categories, place controversial content in moderation mode for human review, and identify persons and objects in photographs after being trained on enormous quantities of data. Image editing may also be aided by AI technologies for your marketing team and registered website visitors.

Two of the most accurate and readily configurable picture editing programs accessible to Drupal developers today are Google Vision API and Azure Cognitive Services API. This is a collection of four Machine Learning-based modules that enable face and emotion detection and visual data processing and classification.

Marketing Automation Solutions with NLP Capabilities
The Drupal community continues to create new Natural Language Processing (NLP)-powered modules that help with various content management tasks, including keyword and tag extraction from text, text summarising and creation, and duplicate content identification.

For example, the sleek Automatic Alternative Text module generates alt attributes for pictures left unmanaged by contributors and content managers and translates alternative text into other languages. OpenCalais is an NLP-based module with a tagging engine that generates rich metadata for your website's content.

The built-in NLP libraries in the self-learning MLTag module will automatically propose tags to users depending on article content. The SendPulse module, which automates SMS and email marketing campaigns and increases open email rates by up to 60%, might also help your marketing team.

Adopting AI-powered content management and marketing technologies will aid your company's website staff in breaking out of a creative rut and creating more tailored experiences for your consumers.

Virtual Assistants Built with Advanced Cognitive Computing Technologies
By 2020, 80 percent of organizations will have deployed chatbots, which are lightweight conversational programs that can be effortlessly integrated into a popular messenger, bespoke mobile application, or web CMS.

From detecting keywords in customer inquiries and mining website data to NLP-assisted text analysis to revealing consumer intent, bot cognitive skills might span the gamut. Even though chatbots frequently require human supervision, contemporary virtual assistants can handle up to 80% of Tier 1 customer service queries, allowing your staff to focus on more creative activities.

Several Drupal modules aid in the construction of cost-effective chatbots. These include the Chatbot API, which allows developers to integrate third-party chatbot and voice assistant solutions such as Alexa and Dialogflow into a decoupled Drupal website. The Acobot AI Live Chat module allows developers to create self-learning bots capable of parsing website content and guiding visitors to relevant information.

Conversational user interfaces are a future-proof tool for customer-centric businesses that understand the current business climate and are ready to go from "always on" to "always on demand."

How Can Your Company Benefit from Integrating AI into Your Drupal Website?
Make room in your editorial, marketing, and customer service departments. At this point in Artificial Intelligence research, programmers will not educate your Drupal website to think and behave like a person. Intelligent algorithms are improving their ability to automate limited content management and customer support activities, and there are ready-made technologies to assist your organization in achieving this goal.
Provide the best possible user experience. Easy content management and publication, a 24/7 approach to customer support, enhanced targeting, and linking client touchpoints are just a few of the many advantages of implementing AI into a Drupal-based company website.
Recognize patterns in customer behavior. Unstructured data accounts for 80% of all digital data created by organizations, leaving it underused. Artificial Intelligence is the technology that may assist your firm in mapping the digital customer journey based on previous data, making appropriate product and service suggestions, and maximizing your marketing budget.
Increase eCommerce income and conversion rates. Because of enhanced lead generation, predictive analytics, on-point service, and ultimate upselling chances, AI adoption in eCommerce have the potential to increase worldwide eCommerce market profitability by 59 percent in just 15 years.
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