Flask Email Authentication - Open Source Project

Hello developers! I hope everyone is doing great.

I recently came across this post by Hashnode where in they have partnered with Clerk for their latest Hackathon. I am super excited to formally participate in the hackathon via this blog.

Now, let's talk about the project I am submitting for the hackathon.

The project is an email authentication system wherein a user can log in to see the next page of the site. The credentials when a user creates a new account get stored in a MySQL database.

This application has all the features a login authentication system should have like:

  1. Users can log in only if their credentials are present in the database.

  2. Without logging in, the user cannot go to the next page, even using that particular page's routes.

  3. When logged in, the user can go to other pages using routes.

  4. After clicking on logout, the user cannot go to the next page again using routes.

  5. If the email or username already exists in the database, the user will not create the account.

So, now this was all about the project. Well, next I want to say what is a project which doesn't help the community.

Open Source Opportunity

I am super excited to announce I have opened some issues (currently 2) will add more in the future. Taking on the problems will help people get into open source contributions.

What is waiting for then? Fork the repo and start contributing!!

Link to the GitHub Repo : Flask-SQL Email Authentication

If you have any doubts or queries, connect with me on Twitter or comment below.

If you like the repo and the project, please leave a star behind on the repo and if you wish to checkout Clerks website visit :