uFincs Update #10

Today, on matters concerning my existence, is a short uFincs update. Nothing crazy going on at the moment, so I won't bore you with another multi-thousand-word post.

Last Time

During uFincs Update #9 I went into a lengthy discussion trying to figure out what the next steps for uFincs were going to be. I eventually settled on switching out of marketing mode to get back into development mode. This way I'd be able to focus on building the next big feature: the import rules system.

That is the main subject of today's update.

Import Rules System Progress

At this point, the rules system is already all planned out and I'm deep into implementation work. As usual, the frontend work is taking the longest, although it makes extra sense this time around considering the grandiose scope of this feature (or at least, how I've envisioned it).

I had initially estimated this as being a 2-4 week adventure, but I think I'll revise that to 4-6 weeks if for no other reason than testing this whole thing is going to be a pain (lots of new moving parts).

Nothing to show off at the moment, considering all of the component work I've been doing has been in Storybook, but I'm sure there'll be something to play with by the next update.

Other News

One of the other things I mentioned in uFincs Update #9 was that, although I wanted to switch off marketing mode, I still wanted to keep writing some content marketing-type blog posts to fill my downtime.

There is one post in particular that I've been working on for a good while now and it's turned into an absolute monster. The current working title is "How I (Re)designed uFincs" and it goes into the story of how I spent 2020 redesigning uFincs from the ground up. If you're interested in reading about the intricacies of UI/UX design, then you have this post to look forward to!

And with that tease, I have to unfortunately tell you that it's probably not coming out anytime soon. While it is still being edited at this point, it's one of those 'marketing' posts that I can use to really drum up awareness of uFincs. As such, it probably won't come out until my next marketing push, which probably won't be till much later in the summer.

And with that, I have fulfilled my non-contractual obligations to post a uFincs update.

Till next time!