My journey making a social website

I am currently making a social website out of PHP and JavaScript at the frontend. This is my big project. Let me give you a reason why you should have a big project.

what I have learned so far

  • making a big project is really fun and hard to leave
  • You get to learn more at about the programming language you use
  • you learn some concepts like object oriented programming and algorithms
  • You learn how to work with a database
  • CRUD operations (create, read, update and delete)
  • You will get to work both frontend and backend (full stack)
  • You get to solve a problem
  • You get to help others too

and there is far more to a big project

I always wondered what were the inner workings to sites like Facebook, Instagram and Reddit. I only knew HTML, CSS and a little bit of JavaScript and the best idea of a big project I could think of was a webpage with CSS animation and when I came to think of a backend project I found it hard cause I didn't know any backend language and thought learning one would take forever since I was already struggling with JavaScript.

learning PHP

  • I knew nothing about PHP, so I started watching a tutorial about making each component of the site, starting with the above.

  • I read a lot blogs and articles about PHP

  • I cloned projects like Kirk social website on GitHub, tested it and looked trough the code to see how they did it.

  • I downloaded the docs from

and a Month later I was good at PHP.

you should not give up on something without giving a try. you can always do better than what you think you can.

I never thought I would ever build a social website but the end result proved me wrong. So if you have a big project idea on your mind a you think it is too big to try it, well you are preventing your self from having the best project in your life.

“Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.”
― Roy T. Bennett

Hey, Do you have a big project that you are working on? Let me know in comments.