I Coded My Own Stock Analysis Trading Tool

In my journey to the finance world as a coder, I thought about helping myself trade stock with the use of technical analysis tool.

Of course, there is TradingView, but i cant perform my own calculations, cant take the data to mix and merge with other data and few more things about data processing to help me with my analysis.

What I do before this is go to the broker after today session come to an end, and export all the data into excel, and then manually go trough all of it. which is a real pain.

Then one day, my friend give me access to his stock historical data in API (the best thing ever happen to me as a coder). And I begin my journey developing my own tool to analyze the stock using the Technical Analysis based on the historical data from the API.

I start with the base of everything, store the data into the DB. Choosing what the database engine will be is such a brief, since im a SQL guy, I love structuring the data, so MariaDB is the choosen one.

Choosing The Stack

As usual, thinking about the tech stack is the most fundamental before I even started to develop. Taking consideration about the cron job, API usage, users visit and actions to be made in the tool later on, it needs to be light, minimal and as non heavy as possible in the backend.

Calculations and screener

Since there are already ready made libraries to help me with technical analysis calculations, yep, I use that. cz I dont want to reinvent the wheel, whats imporant in the tool is to make the analysis with the available formula with mix and match of them and produce the results. and I finally can do the listing of the stocks that meet the criteria, calculations and pereference. yeah, it came alive~~ haha.

Test The Trade

After the tool has done its thing, I test the trade. Based on the stock listed in the tool, I confidently trade the stock on my broker platform. Yeah it definitely help me lessen the risk of trading the stock. Many of the trade has been having better winning rate.

The Tool Main Feature

As a simple trader, I believe in uncluttered interface. The simpler the interface, the better. why? because we are aiming for great result, instead of great pain. haha.


Making my own tool to analyze stock give me the experience and excitement thats nothing like other normal coding projects, wordpress or laravel, it definitely brings joy to me as it help me with trading.

Here is my tool if you want to check it out