A Beginner Guide To SQL Certification

If you look towards data as a resource and find answers to many business challenges, SQL certifications are your perfect match!

The SQL certification is essential in the world of data science. Also, it will give you higher salary benefits.
As per a glassdoor survey, there is a 20% boost of salary compared with the non-certified but experienced employee.

You will be amazed to know that as an sql server certified individual, you have a chance to obtain an average salary of $87000 per annum.

Don’t wait for your opportunity to collapse. Start your sql career path, now!

Here is a list of 5 major sql certifications, you need to put an eye on!
Microsoft certified Azure data fundamentals
Oracle database sql certified associate certification
IBM certified database associate
Oracle certified professional, My SQL 5.7 database associate
EDB PostgreSQL 12 Associate certification

But, as a beginner, you must look at certification as an opportunity, not a challenge. The blog will help you drive through your certification journey.

A conventional method to clear your certification exam is to understand the certification exam syllabus, employment market expectation, skillset practice, mockup exams, and job interview preparation.

The above-recommended strategy is teamwork and not a one-man army. You must be equipped with a training system at every step of your certification.

JanBask Training is one of the prominent online platforms that assist and train you for the SQL certification exam.

JanBask will help you with the training module such as
Microsoft SQL server master training
SQL Server DBA
SQL server self-learning

But, do you know, what is the course syllabus for your SQL certifications?

SQL Certification and Training Course

As a fresher, JanBask’s SQL server training and certification course can be your best shot. It has a robust system for your SQL career needs

The training course includes major topics such as
SQL server, DDL, DML
SQL Server programming, Indexes, functions
SSIS package, development, and deployment procedures
SSRS report design
Formatting SSRS`Reports and models
Building SSAS cubes, Power BI

If you have been searching for sql training online, you are at the correct address!

It is suggested that you must target an online sql training platform that has a robust industry-level online infrastructure along with a student-centric SQL Certification Cost.

Also, you can access unlimited resources, once you step in JanBask!
Sounds like the cherry on a cake? Yes, it is!
Let us know more.

The SQL Certification training will help you with technical and baseline skills along with sql fundamentals.

The sql training will help you achieve expertise in

Microsoft SQL server
Querying database
SQL server operator
Integrity, constraints, CASE statements
Transactions process
Data flow transformation
SSIS package security and advancement
SSRS fillers
SSAS concepts
Data Warehouse concepts

Once you complete your training, you must practice mockup exams and later schedule your certification exams.

Skills for sql server professional

For a beginner, it is important to understand the skills validated by the certification. This helps the individual to focus on the required skillset in sql server.

Here is a list of technical and baselines skills required for an sql certification.

Technical skills for sql server

For a sql server developer or database administrator, you must be equipped with sql skills such as
Structuring a database requires an in-depth understanding of the database tables and relationship
SQL statements and clauses help you extract information for sql queries
Managing sql database includes administering an sql database and its cascading tasks.
Database systems like Mysql and Postgresql assist you with the popular database management system
Master PHP is a source programming language that helps in managing access, limit users.
Technical skills data analysis is a prominent feature utilized in the understanding of user purchasing pattern and user behavior
WAMP and sql facilitate you with big data behavior

Baseline skills

As a fresher, you should know the soft skills required to be proficient with sql career roles and responsibilities. Here is a list.

Observing, Listening, understanding
Research and analysis is one of the skills required to execute your sql processes
As a beginner, you must be able to perform your sql requirement along with good communication skills and efficient teamwork!

One of the benefits of baseline skills is fast processing and team coordination. As a sql server professional, you will be responsible to present data insights providing market solutions for your business clients

Also, baseline skills help you with organizational behavior to have a progressive team. This helps to come up with an innovative mindset and use sql skills for optimum growth!

Now you know, what you need and how to target your career objectives. Let us look at the brighter picture of sql career path.

What your JanBask training looks like?

How do you turn your sql certification into salary?

The best answer is JanBask Training. But what you get once you join the training platform?

Here is a list of features and services JanBask has for you
It enables a learning management system that helps you with organizing your course syllabus, study material, and assignments
Once you step inside JanBask Training, you would be exposed to industry-specific training and lectures from one of the top IT professionals.
Also, it has multiple assignments and industry-level real-time projects. This will help you with implementing your acquired skills and orientation of sql projects and troubleshooting management.
Furthermore, the training course also includes e-learning resources and regular assessment of your sql skills development
A very productive and recommended feature of the training course has been a business real situation-specific practical assignment. It will help you test your skills and enhance you as an sql techie.
The live online classes help you with sql fundamentals and take you to the nextgen technology of online sql learning

Once you complete your training and are job-ready, a certification exam is your next step. But before, you must practice as much as you can.
You can also practice mockup exams and check your performance. Once you know where to focus for enhancing your skills, you may proceed further with the exam.


With holistic training, you can be a proficient sql server professional and guide your career to new heights in data.

JanBask training has always been happy to help. It has served more than 6000+ students and assisted multiple companies with corporate training. Once you clear your sql certification exam, you can avail the interview preparation benefits.

If you desire a lucrative career in sql server, JanBask is your rescue.

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