Arctype connects to YugabyteDB

YugabyteDB is PostgreSQL compatible. It uses the same protocol and SQL layer as PostgreSQL. This makes YugabyteDB compatible with a majority of database tools, because PostgreSQL is the most popular open source database on the planet. Here is an example with Arctype, a user-friendly collaborative SQL client to query and visualize data.

Setting up a database connection

1. I went to and downloaded the client for Windows.

2. When I launched the app, I created an Arctype account and logged into it.

3. At the Connect a Database step, I choose PostgreSQL and click Continue.

4. I enter my Host and Port info and click Continue.

5. I enter my database, username, password, and nickname for this database and click Continue.

6. I enter my workspace name and click Continue.

YugabyteDB is a distributed database. If you have a DNS entry with multiple IP addresses, you get high availability (in my tests, Arctype reconnects automatically).

Querying your database

I immediately can see the tables in my database, and query them. Some interesting features are variables – which runs prepared statements – and autocompletion from the catalog objects and the query aliases.

You can visualize results on a grid (with search and export to .csv) or displayed as charts, like a heatmap.

I can create tables from there, and also import a .csv.

I’m imported a csv here ( I used text, date and numeric datatypes.

I can query and display in a grid…

Or graphs that can be added to a dashboard…

All this is created in a workspace that can be shared with colleagues for team collaboration.

This product is new, free to use, and has a community on Discord, to help. This is a nice way to get the power of SQL databases with a user-friendly interface. Of course, you can connect it to Yugabyte Cloud and load various Open Data to learn the power of SQL.


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