The New Leaders of Remote Engineering Event - August 11th

Everyone loves free stuff, right?

Even better when that free stuff is both fun and adds value. That’s what Dev Interrupted’s upcoming event - The New Leaders of Remote Work - is all about. Helping engineering leaders and developers to get the most out of their remote or hybrid work situtions.

Join us from 9am-10am PST on August 11th for another great panel discussion with:

  • Darren Murph Head of Remote at GitLab & Guinness World Record Holder as the most prolific blogger ever
  • Lawrence Mandel Director of Engineering at Shopify & Hockey Enthusiast
  • Shweta Saraf Director of Engineering at Equinix & Plato Mentor
  • And the Panda himself, Chris Downard VP of Engineering at GigSmart

Dan Lines, COO of LinearB, will be moderating a discussion with our guests on how they lead their teams remotely, how the current workplace is changing, and what's next as the pandemic continues to change.

Want to learn from the new leaders of remote work? Then this livestreamed Dev Interrupted Panel is the event for you.

We're excited for the future and very thankful to have you on this journey with us. You can always reach me for feedback (or site bug reports!) via our developer Discord community or on our Twitter.

Thanks for everything -

Conor Bronsdon

Community & Content Lead, Dev Interrupted

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