5 Beginner Python Project Ideas

Python Project Ideas

You have probably been there. I have. Sitting on my chair and staring straight at my computer screen, wondering what I should do with my little knowledge of a newly learnt coding language. Well, I am here to assist you. Here are 5 Python project ideas for beginners. Of course, this could be for intermediates and experts too. It just depends to what extent you want your program to be.

1 Mad Libs Game

This was my first game ever created. The simplest ever. It requires you to know how to ask users to input values and store them as variables. After multiple inputs, you print a story out depending on the user's inputs. Dead simple. Reinforces your Python basics. Here is a quick video by Mike Dane that teaches you how to do it if you need help: YouTube Video. The video is a short version of what you should expect in your game. Good luck! Here is what I did: My Mad Libs Game

2 Number Guessing Game

This is another simple yet addictive game to play. The goal of the game is to ask the user for the upper bound limit of the available numbers, then store a random number within that range. Next, the user would give guesses and the computer would give clues of whether that number is too much or too little. Here is a video of a simplified version by Geek Tutorials: YouTube Video. Here is what I did: My Number Guessing Game

3 Dice Rolling Simulator

The aim of the game is for the computer to simulate 9 rounds of dice rolling between two players. The computer would display the result of each round the give a winner at the end of 9 rounds. This is completely random and requires no human input at all. Here is a video by Tutorial Spot: YouTube Video. And here is the source code if you need it: Source Code

4 Hangman

This is a classic. It is a word guessing game where the player gives guesses of the letters inside the word. Every time the player guess a wrong letter, one limb is added to a picture of a human. The goal is to guess the word before the human gets all his limbs. I found this wonderful tutorial by Kite here: YouTube Video. However, the video is quite fast, so I recommend you to turn it to 0.75x the speed. Here is the source code: Source Code

5 YouTube Downloader

This is definitely the most challenging one of all. So make sure you know how to do the first few before coming here. At first glance, this might seem very difficult. But once you get started, it is actually very straightforward. So the aim is to enter your URL of the video, then select your path where you want the video to be, and choose your video quality. Lastly, just click "Download". If you need a bit of help: my first tip would be to use PyTube. My next tip would be to make it a GUI with Tkinter. The best video tutorial I found was by Dream Developers here: Video Tutorial. Here is the source code of the project: Source Code.

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