traceback module in Python

So, i thought why not write an article on how to get the Python interpreter like error messages.

I read about it firstly on StackOverflow and from the Python documentations.
So, here we go on a basic tour of exception handling with traceback.


We need to import the python sys module and traceback module.

import traceback
import sys

Then we will use the sys modules sys.exc_info() method to extract the exception_type,exception and traceback.
And after gettting all these values we will print these using the traceback modules traceback.print_tb() method:

import traceback
import sys

    a = 8/0
    ex_type, ex, tb = system.exc_info()    


File "<stdin>", line 2, in <module>

That is a basic use case of traceback and if you wanna learn further about it you might want to read some stackoverflow answerws and the official python documentation: